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A Caffeine Addict’s Guide to Pittsburgh Coffee Shops

If you’re like me, you started drinking coffee when you came to college to keep you awake during those late night study sessions. What started out as the occasional vanilla latte turned into having a cup of coffee every day… and then that increased to two cups… and sometimes three… and the next thing you knew, you were a true coffee addict! However, I choose not to see my coffee addiction as a bad thing. Instead, I use it as an opportunity to explore the many unique coffee shops Pittsburgh has to offer. If you’re looking for something a little different from Starbucks, here is a list of spots for you to explore:

Beehive Coffeehouse: Southside

Beehive, conveniently located on East Carson Street, is a quirky coffee shop known for its unique decorations and live entertainment. In addition to coffee, Beehive serves breakfast and lunch fare, and even has a selection of alcoholic drinks!

The Coffee Tree Roasters: Bakery Square, Shadyside, and Squirrel Hill

With several locations throughout the city as well as a few shops in the suburbs, The Coffee Tree Roasters is becoming a popular Pittsburgh chain to fill your caffeine needs. Their coffee is locally roasted, and they also offer delicious fresh-baked pastries.

Espresso A Mano: Lawrenceville

I came across Espresso A Mano while exploring Lawrenceville with a few friends one day, and of course couldn’t resist having a cup of coffee once I smelled it from outside of the open windows. Espresso A Mano has a hipster vibe that fits with the rest of the Lawrenceville scene, and is a great place to chill and read, or catch up with friends. I highly suggest trying their chai tea latte – it was perfectly sweet and delicious. The craving is real…

La Prima Espresso: The Strip District

The Strip District has tons of coffee shops, but none quite like La Prima Espresso. This is the place for the most addicted of all caffeine addicts, because if you come to La Prima and just order regular coffee, you may be looked down upon. Here, you’re basically expected to order shots of espresso. It’s known for having the best espresso in town, so next time you’re in the Strip, give La Prima a try!

Tazza D’Oro: Highland Park

Tazza D’Oro has a craft coffee list that changes monthly and prepares its baked goods with ingredients only sourced from local Pennsylvania farmers. If that isn’t enough to convince you, just take a look at their name – how could you not want to try out a coffee place whose name literally translates to “cup of gold?”

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