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It’s hard to find the perfect transition shoe from fall to winter. When colder weather comes, it is usually accompanied by rain… or at least that’s what Pittsburgh weather brings. It is perfectly normal to go to class in sunny and 75 degree weather only to walk out of the Cathedral into rain and hurricane-like winds. Riding boots just aren’t substantial enough, and forget about Converse. So, what’s a girl to do? More importantly, what’s a girl to wear? As if the outfit itself wasn’t hard enough to pick out, picking the right footwear can seem impossible. Not only do you need a shoe that’s durable and can handle any type of weather, it also needs to be fashion forward and trend-worthy. Alas, I give you the bean boot.

For those of you that are unaware of what a bean boot is, here’s a little background info: made and sold by L.L. Bean, the bean boot is a boot made of half leather and half rubber. The rubber portion of the shoe makes up the toe and the sole. Popular styles feature a navy blue or chocolate brown rubber toe, with laces that are a mix of red and yellow. These shoes come in various heights and are designed for both men and women. Like pumpkin spice lattes, these boots are making an appearance all across campus once again from both boys and girls. I always find it interesting to see how both genders choose to wear and style these shoes, and I always find that everyone does so in a different manner.

When it comes to girls, there is no one common way to wear the bean boot. My go-to bean boot outfit for when I want to be comfortable is leggings, a crew neck sweater, and thick socks. Have the socks peek out a little bit over the top of your bean boots for a slight pop of color. Also opt for a sweater in a deep hue, such as a burgundy or hunter green. If you’re not having the best hair day, throw your hair in a pony, add a baseball hat, and you’re set! If jeans are more your style, cuff the bottoms so that they lay above the top of the boot. Pair with your favorite light-knit v-neck sweater and down vest and you’re set for class. Throw your hair into a ballerina bun for a polished and more put-together effect.

As for boys (though I clearly am not one), I observe a vast array of bean boot styling. Some boys pair them with jeans and a plain long sleeve shirt, while others opt for khakis and a button up. When the temperature really starts to go down, some boys take it up a notch and pair their bean boots with khakis, a peacoat, and thick scarf. There is no greater conversation starter than complimenting someone of the opposite sex on their bean boots, especially if you’re both wearing them. Clearly you share a similar (and awesome) sense of style, so it’s obvious you’re meant to live happily ever after together. Bean boots at the wedding? I think so.

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