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Brian Quinn ’11

  Brian Quinn simply defined is tall, dark, and handsome and soon to have a degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Computer Engineering… Need I say more?

Me: Brian, what are your plans for after graduation?
Brian: I’m most likely getting a job in Pittsburgh doing software development.

Me: Are you romantically involved with anyone right now? Are you going to ignore all the FB requests  you get after this posted?
Brian: I’m not romantically involved with anyone right now and I definitely won’t ignore FB requests.

Me: What attracts you to a girl?
Brian: (He cracks up) I’m not answering this question!

Me: You have to!!!
Brian: Ok. Fine. Someone who I can have an intelligent conversation with, someone fun loving, and laid back.

Me: What are some of your hobbies and interests?
Brian: I love hanging out with friends, watching and playing sports, working out. I also like to follow the news on computers and technology in general.

Me: Any favorite shows?
Brian: It’s Always Sunny, Tosh. O, Entourage, Boardwalk Empire, pretty much any HBO series actually, and SportsCenter.

Me: (Laughing) Ok, Brian, what’s a quote that you live in or just something that you believe in?
Brian: Don’t take sh*t from anybody.

Me: Are you going to miss college and Pitt??
Brian: Duh!!

Me: What’s your favorite Pitt experience or memory?
Brian: Definitely going to the Oakland Zoo for the basketball games. I love that!

Derilyn Devlin graduates from Pitt in April 2012. She is excited to leave the University of Pittburgh Her Campus to Mandy Velez and Claire Peltier as the new campus correspondents. 
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