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Almost everyone knows about Black Mirror, the modern-day Twilight Zone. If you haven’t seen it before, have no fear: every episode is completely different and explores scientific and social frontiers. It’s often unsettling and sticks with you long after you’ve finished watching. The fourth season has not let us down with its twists and eerily possible futuristic cultures, and I have hence ranked the season 4 episodes definitively. Spoilers below!

1: “Black Museum”

This episode easily comes out on top. The short stories from the Doctor through the eternal torture of Clayton that crescendo to the ultimate twist finishes off the season on a high note. It’s the only episode this season that, for me, captured that classic Black Mirror tone. 

2: “Hang the DJ”

What I loved most about this surprisingly positive episode was how the portrayal of a simulation was so unexpected. The idea that a simulation could consider itself a miniature reality makes you wonder about the way we try to find love.

3: “Arkangel”

By far and large, this episode provides a word of caution to our generation, who will soon parent in a fully survey-able world. While your future child won’t be trying cocaine in a sewer before they’ve even left high school (hopefully), it’s important to trust your children to become the person you’ve taught them to be.


4: “USS Callister”

While initially I didn’t much care for this episode, it’s really grown on me in discussion. I wasn’t terribly impressed with harkening to Star Trek in painfully over-acted segments: however, my faith was restored with the daunting prospect of disappearing into technology, while your body wastes in time.

No, not this kind of Metalhead.

5: “Metalhead”

While I was kept on the edge of my seat for this episode, I felt there was far too much left out in plot. How did the dogs come about? How did they overwhelm the setting? Is this only in one country or is this all over the world? Where did the protagonist come from? Granted, the dogs were amazingly methodical, merciless and realistic, but I was left needing more.


6: “Crocodile”

This episode was far from the caliber Black Mirror usually operates on. The only unusual take is the trope of, ‘how far would you go to protect yourself,’ which has been done many times before. However, I did not expect the guinea pig to be the primary witness. ​

While this season challenged the typical tone Black Mirror has honed, I enjoyed a majority of the episodes. I’m sure you are just as excited to see where the writers will take us next.

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