The Best Restaurants for Every Meal in Oakland

Oakland has some really good restaurants that aren’t Chipotle or Panera. I am a self-proclaimed foodie, and my Yelp reviews were viewed over 2,000 times this month, so I would definitely trust my opinions. 

  1. 1. Breakfast

    Pam’s Diner obviously is the top pick. It's affordable, they take cards now and the food is consistently good. I love how they always refill your coffee at least three times. I always walk home shaking, but it’s worth it for those potatoes. 

    Blueberry Pancakes
  2. 2. Brunch

    Sometimes, you need a middle of the day brunch to feel as classy as one could in Oakland. The Porch has a really nice brunch menu and isn’t too expensive. The cinnamon buns are amazing, and you need to try them ASAP. 

  3. 3. Lunch

    Sushi is a great lunch, and the best spot is definitely Mount Everest. The sushi always tastes fresh, and the menu has so many options. You can try something new every time you go. If you prefer poke bowls, JJ Poke is also delicious. I love how they put out menus so you can circle everything you want ahead of time and avoid the stress of picking toppings on the spot.

    Poke Bowl
  4. 4. Dinner

    I am maybe a little obsessed with Oishii Bento. The bowls and bento boxes are always so tasty, and you get a lot of food for the price. Sometimes the wait can be a little long for takeout, but it is because they make everything to order. 

  5. 5. Post Dinner

    Mad Mex is the perfect place to go for a giant plate of nachos for the table and margaritas all around. It is sit-down so you can be more relaxed with your group than at a bar. My friends and I always enjoy our visits here.

Happy dining! I hope that you are able to eat outside with some friends in the nice weather!