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The Best of Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Memes

So we’ve all heard the news by now: Kylie Jenner is pregnant. So what did the internet do with this information? Made memes, of course. Here’s a few of our favorites.

The Concern

People seemed especially worried about Kylie’s baby. Like when they saw her waist training while growing a child inside her. Probably not the ~best~ idea ever but you do you, girl.

We also wonder what the baby will end up looking like after all Kylie’s plastic surgery

The Questions

Conspiracy theories have been running wild that perhaps this is Kim and Kanye’s baby and Kylie is just being a surrogate.

We wonder how the tabloids every got ahold of this story

And try to pretend we don’t care because we’re so over the Kardashians (no we’re not)

Moral of the story: just take your birth control, people

What memes will take over the internet net?


Photo Credit: Author’s own screenshots



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