The Best Jim and Pam Episodes to Watch for Valentine’s Day

For me, Jim and Pam from The Office are the definition of “relationship goals.” Sure, they had their ups and downs in their relationship, but don’t we all? For that reason, I have compiled a complete list of the best Jim and Pam episodes to watch this Valentine’s Day. You may ask yourself, why trust me, a random writer? Well, I have watched the entirety of The Office about 5 times, and consulted experts on the perfect episodes. Wine and popcorn are required for the list too. No boys needed!

1. Season 1 Episode 1- Pilot

Why we love it: It introduces us to the relationship of Jim and Pam, so really all relationship goals go up from here.


2. Season 2 Episode 10- Christmas Party

Why we love it: Jim goes out of his way to create the perfect gift for Pam, and sets the bar for gift giving.


3. Season 2 Episode 11- Booze Cruise

Why we love it: You truly begin to see how much Jim wants to tell Pam about his feelings, only to be thwarted by Roy. Oh love, why can you not come easily?


4. Season 2 Episode 20- Drug Testing

Why we love it: Pam teasing Jim all day makes us realize how much both of them care about each other, in a cute way.

5. Season 2 Episode 22- Casino Night



6. Season 3 Episode 5- Initiation

Why we love it: The end. So worth it.


7. Season 3 Episode 9- The Convict

Why we love it: When Jim tells Andy what Pam hates, you realize how much they really know each other.


8. Season 3 Episode 22- Beach Games

Why we love it: It has been a long season of Jim and Karen (ew), and when Pam finally has the courage to say something, it isn’t perfect, but we can’t help but smile.


9. Season 3 Episode 23- The Job



10. Season 4 Episode 2- Dunder Mifflin Infinity

Why we love it: Their relationship gets out and you get to watch how they react to the office finding out about the best relationship, basically ever.

11. Season 4 Episode 3- Launch Party

Why we love it: In true Jim and Pam Fashion, they exchange when they first knew each other.


12. Season 4 Episode 9- Dinner Party

Why we love it: Ever since seeing this episode I know this is the type of relationship I want to be in.


13. Season 4 Episode 10- The Chair Model

Why we love it: What is not to love about Jim showing us the ring he intends to marry Pam with?!

14. Season 4 Episode 14- Goodbye Toby

Why we love it: Jim is planning on popping the question and you see just how amazing he wants it to be.


15. Season 5 Episode 2- Weight loss Part 2

Why we love it: IT FINALLY HAPPENS!

16. Season 5 Episode 7- Customer Survey

Why we love it: After seeing this episode, I have made it my life mission to be on the phone with my significant other for a whole work day.


17. Season 5 Episode 14- Stress Relief Part 2

Why we love it: Arguably the cutest line ever is said by Pam and you have to smile with her. Side note: you should most definitely watch Part 1 because it is utterly hilarious.


18. Season 5 Episode 28- Company Picnic

Why we love it: Best. Surprise. Ever.


19. Season 6 Episodes 4 and 5- Niagara Parts 1 and 2

Why we love it: You have to watch it to find out. Though, it is self-explanatory.


20. Season 6 Episodes  17 and 18- Delivery

Why we love it: It caps the most perfect love story in history.

After you have watched these picks, and if you still have time, go back and watch the Michael and Holly love story. Not as cute, but quirky in its own way. (Starts at Goodbye Toby)


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