Best Election 2016 Political Memes

With the 2016 general election coming closer and closer, tensions are really starting to rise. As with any ongoing squabble on the internet, we find the best way to redirect our anger is by making fun of our opponents. Although a certainly childish endeavor, we have to find some way to make light of an increasingly stressful race. So for all of our viewing pleasures, I have gathered some of the best political memes I’ve come across in my travels. Enjoy as we make fun of our four favorite presidential candidates: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders.


What’s the most abundant comedic material the good people of the internet have come up with for this election? That’s right: hair.















Then, we’ve got a few questions about Ted Cruz.




Next, we’ve got Hillary being a little shady with her emails.





And then there’s Bernie being the try-hard grandpa that he is.





To come to the end of our political adventure, we have some classic Donald Trump opposition.







Still not sure who to vote for? Check out this handy-dandy guide. Happy election season!



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