The Best Creepy Podcasts for the Halloween Season

Strap in ladies, it’s spooky season. Oh yes. It may be time for your Pumpkin Spice Lattes, your Ugg boots and your sexy mouse costume to entice Trevor from your Calc 2 class. But more importantly, it’s time to get your scary on. To put you in the mood, we have found four of the best podcasts out there to contribute to the haunted vibes overtaking your campus. So sit back, grab your hot cider, cozy up in your blanket, turn down the lights and listen up. It’s about to get scary. You’ve been warned.

1. Last Podcast on the Left

This is quite possibly my favorite podcast of the moment. If you are super into true crime, conspiracy theories, cults and the occult; this is the perfect podcast for you. These guys spend days compiling research and make it into a great story for us to listen to. They spare no details, and there are going to be nights where you think about man’s depravity and if the monsters under your bed are back. However, the majority of the time, you are going to be peeing yourself laughing so hard. The series is amazing and you are going to love listening to these three guys talk.

Available on: Spotify

Number of Episodes: 335 Full Episodes

2. Lore

Have you ever wondered why humans are so scared of the dark? Have you ever wanted to know more about the creepier parts of human history? Just recently put on Amazon Video, this series has gained a ton of popularity. While this series doesn’t quite get to the same level of fright as LPTL, this series does get into the creepy and unknowns of history in a way that just seems like a creepy bedtime story. I love listening to this series on long car rides. The background music is so relaxing and the way that the creator, Aaron Manhke, tells the story is so well done, it’ll just draw you in. You’ll never want to turn it off.

Available On: Spotify and Apple Podcast App

Number of Episodes: 97 Full Episodes

3. Sword and Scale

This series is one of the greatest true crime podcasts on the web. For each of the episodes, (and series) the creator of the podcast covers real life murder. He goes so deep as to reveal interrogation audio, 911 calls and the theories as to why the crime occurred. This podcast has definitely scared me enough that I had to turn it off due to how real it gets. However, the research is incredibly dense, the music and production is spectacular, and if you are super into criminal justice and detective work, this is the podcast for you.

Available On: Spotify and Apple Podcast App

Number of Episodes: 123 Full Episodes     

4. My Favorite Murder

I had a couple of people say that this is one of their favorite podcasts. While I hadn’t listened to them until this week, I can say that these ladies are hilarious. It’s two best friends telling each other their ‘favorite’ true crime stories from both their hometowns and around the country. They have such hilarious, dark humor and it’s too relatable. Listening to this podcast is like sitting with your best friends and talking some spooky stuff.

Available On: Spotify

Number of Episodes: 142 Full Episodes & and 91 Mini-sodes


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