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Fall already feels like it’s coming to an end with the way the temperature keeps dropping, so go out and enjoy it! Walk to Schenley Park Bridge and see the beautiful yellow, green, orange, and red leaves hanging on the trees before they become bare. If you’re looking for somewhere quiet to walk, jog, or run, head to Panther Hollow, which is right below Schenley Park Bridge. Get closer to nature and be surrounded by the beauty of fall before it’s too late.

Photo Credits: Photo taken and provided by the author. 

Hi everyone, my name is Alex and I am a sophomore English major at Pitt. I love to read and I am obsessed with sports, be it soccer, football, volleyball, etc. I watch it. I am originally from Philly so Eagles fan all the way and before you ask I prefer Geno's over Pat's but Dalessandro's over Geno's. This is my first year writing for her campus and I am excited to see what happens:).
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