Awkward Dating 101

We all have those super awkward stories of our high school boyfriend who would forget his name when he met our parents, or get so nervous he would cry on the first date, but here is an article full of super embarrassing and awkward dates from the point of view of girls. Don’t worry, boys aren’t the only ones who are embarrassing on dates; we all have our moments that will live in infamy through family and friends trying to ruin our reputations/lives one awkward story at a time. Now please, come, bask in the glory and pain that is awkward dating 101.

When my high school boyfriend asked me to be his girlfriend I expected him to kiss me (it was going to be both of our first kisses because we are lame) but he just gave me a hug. And I was like duuude come on, but then he still didn’t kiss me for like 3 weeks? I was thinking fine I’ll do it. I was so nervous though so I figured “okay, I’ll kiss his cheek and then maybe he’ll get the hint.” Well he was 6’4 so when I went to kiss his check I HAD TO JUMP and according to him I BIT HIS CHEEK. He got really mad at me and told everyone about it. It was really awkward” (Anonymous)

We went to Jared's to help his cousin get her engagement ring resized. Enough said. (Katharine)

I was dating my high school boyfriend for about 3 weeks at the time and I knew we were ready for our first kiss. So one night we went for a walk under the moonlight and I really wanted him to kiss me, but he didn’t understand I wanted him to kiss me. About half way through our walk I realized it was up to me to initiate the kiss.  I decided to try a cliché, I put on some lip gloss, looked at him and said “want a taste?” He looked at me and said “No thanks I’m good.” (Anonymous, in the hopes that my parents never find out about this story because even years later they would never let me live it down)

I was seeing this guy I met on Tinder who really understood my humor/love for food/thought I was trendy, so I in turn thought he was a keeper. We decided to get coffee and then go to a museum, and he insisted on picking me up. His driving was actually the worst thing I've ever experienced, and he had no idea how to get around (even though he's from Pittsburgh and had the GPS on). He got so lost both going to the museum and getting back to my apartment after that the date lasted from noon until 5:30. Not only that, but he not once over the course of our dates so much as patted me on the back- no hugs, no kiss, to salute, no handshake... nothing. He then proceeded to ask me what I was looking for a few days later, so I said boy bye (Anonymous).

One of the first dates I went on, we went out for pizza and he brought his best friend. He proceeded to sit next to his best friend and ignore me the whole time. Then when the food came out, he thought he saw a hair and flipped the entire pizza onto the floor in front of a very confused waitress. (Mariah)

I went on a date with a guy to see Les Mis and after I was so excited because he leaned in and I thought he was going to kiss me. Then he shouted “Look Down” lyrics in my face instead. (Mariah)

When I started talking to my current boyfriend I was super-duper nervous for him to kiss me so every time I thought he was going to I would start rambling about whatever childhood memory came to mind. Finally he just kissed me in the middle of one of my rants and said “now I know how to get you to shut up” and after that every time I started rambling he takes that as a sign that I wanted him to kiss me. (Hannah)

One time I went on a tinder date and he took me to market and didn't offer to swipe me in. Then, we talked and not only did he shut me down every time I tried to get to know him past surface level small talk, but he also used the phrase "I saw it as a sign from God to stop smoking weed" because his friends got caught and he decided not to go with them to smoke that night. Then he asked me up to his room in towers and I said no. Also my friends from my floor were in market and kept walking by making faces and comments to make me laugh. (Anonymous)

I was on my first date with my high school boyfriend and we were sitting down talking when my phone started to ring. It was my uncle, so as the stupid 15 year old I was I answered the phone. He asked me what I was doing and I asked him if I could call him back. He asked to talk to my date. Then he went on to tell my shaky, nervous, awkward, 15 year old boyfriend “My niece is very special to me and I’m not afraid to go back to prison.” My boyfriend spent the rest of the night shaking in fear of my “uncle who went to prison.” (Lydia)

Last year, my boyfriend told me he loved me for the first time at a really nice restaurant. I proceeded to choke and spit my water in his face. (Katharine)

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