Are We Still Friends?

During college, you learn about yourself and make major decisions about the kind of person you want to become. Unfortunately, sometimes your friends from high school turn into people you don't even recognize (or vice versa). You only see one another occasionally over short visits, but something might feel off when you do. You might spend most of your time together explaining your life to them instead of actually enjoying it together. Here are the other top signs this friendship fadeout has happened to you in gif form.

1. You are SO excited when they come visit you, but when they get off the bus and the conversation is immediately awkward, you can't help feeling:

2. Your life has changed a lot since college, and they judge your new lifestyle choices:

3. Meanwhile, you might not understand their dating choices (*cough* AT ALL *cough*):

4. You take them to a party with your friends to make everything more comfortable, but they don't quite fit in:

5. They might feel left out with your new friends' inside jokes: 

6. When you're alone together, they try to give you advice on your life issues like old times, but they miss the mark without knowing the complete picture: 

7. When you say goodbye, you feel awkward and unfulfilled:

But no matter what you'll always have the times you spent together before in common:

And if they need you to defend them, you KNOW you'll be there for them even if you haven't talked in years:  

You'll do this for them because they haven't hurt you in anyway — your friendship just isn't the same anymore and that's not their fault. People grow apart, especially when they're making major life decisions miles away at college. So don't burn that bridge with your old high school friends, because your friendship was good and you'll always have that together.  

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