Always Sunny Reacts to Always Sunny Season 13

Last week, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia aired their thirteenth season on FXX.

The show follows the amoral schemes of a gang of egocentric friends who own a bar in Philadelphia.  The “gang” includes Charlie, Dee, Dennis, Frank and Mac.  Together they’re terrible people who do terrible things such as breaking and entering, impersonating police officers and leaving their enemies to burn in an apartment.  Although these scenarios sound more like Saw, the anti-sitcom’s fan base greatly anticipated the thirteenth season.  Enjoy these gif reactions from the gang and side commentary from myself to the first episode of the new season.

Dennis is gone.

The episode starts off with a scheme to manipulate liberals, proposed by new gang member Cindy (Mindy Kaling).

Well, Mac’s gay.  He buys a blowup doll of his friend Dennis.

Dee’s a bird.

Mindy fits better into the gang than Dee.

Mac cultivated some extreme mass.

Despite being gone, Dennis still controls the group through an inanimate doll.  Very creepy.

The waitress and Charlie are still dating despite her strange obsession with Dennis.  This girl is crazy.

Charlie hates Dennis and the doll.

Cindy runs the gang and they surprisingly follow her plan…

…until they ultimately ruin everything.

The gang is extremely crass, and Cindy calls them out on it.

Dennis the sociopath is back, and Frank shoots his gun.

The gang’s plan did not work as usual.

Dee’s a bird.

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