Alternative Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day with your S.O

Target is filled with reds, pinks, hearts and deals on candy. Commercials include love stories suggesting you find the perfect jewelry for your other half. Restaurants are filling up fast with already made reservations. All of these things hinting that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you should make your significant other happy by caving into the heavily commercialized holiday full of overpriced candy, jewelry and stuffed animals. What if that isn’t your style? What if you aren’t into the cliched, cheesy, rom-com type way of spending Valentine’s Day? The girls of HC Pitt have some alternative ways of spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other!

Going to an arcade. - Casey S.

Netflix marathon. - Ashleigh B.

Movie marathon while eating an entire cake. - Kate M.

Ice skating for $5 at Schenley Plaza. - Sarah W.

Watching all of the Saw movies. - A guy friend

Galentine’s Day but with your SO and your friend group. - Angela 

Going to a museum. - Angela

Watch a hockey game on TV


Go to a dog park

Give an alternative bouquet

Celebrate Valentine’s day on a different day!

If going to a fancy dinner or buying a bouquet of flowers isn’t your couple style, then try out one of these ways to spend Valentine’s day in a different way!

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