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Adulthood: Awesomely Confusing?

As a senior, I am in that awkward, “OMG I need a job” / “OMG I can do whatever I want” / “OMG this is terrifying” / “OMG this is awesome” stage in my life, as I assume most people are as well. Sure, when we were all younger we couldn’t wait to be grown-ups, but we soon hit freshmen year of college and realized that the whole grown-up deal doesn’t sound so hot.  Truthfully, I am writing this article in the hopes of finding others that are just as confused and excited about their future as I am. Do you realize that you could literally cut your hair, call yourself a different name, and travel halfway across the globe if you wanted to? Granted, you could do that anytime, but now it is kind of all in your court.

Being a grown-up is nothing I imagined. What are these things called taxes and why must they be done? Who does them? Is that guy on the TV really trying to get my millions back? There are so many questions about adulthood that are being answered everyday—slowly—but they are being answered. Thank the South O landlords for forcing us to call and email them. No matter what you do, you will have to call someone to do something for you. Sorry. The ideas of jobs, careers, and graduate schools are always running through your head, schoolwork seems more intense, and the need to socialize all seem to pile on top of each other. Adulthood is basically stress you had before and stress that has yet to come. Why am I worrying about my future apartment color? Like I don’t even have a job or a house, yet I wonder what color palette I will have in my room. I now understand why my parents stress about things that haven’t happened.

But being a grown-up also means I could make any decision about my life at anytime. Always wanted to go vegan? You can! Dreamed of living in Tokyo? Go! So much power in our hands. SO MUCH! Isn’t that exciting? Like yes we have the stress of life and paying for stuff, but we can also do whatever we want, whenever we want. The possibilities are endless, and that terrifies me.

The overall question would have to be: will life ever be not stressful? No. Will life ever not be exciting? Maybe, but probably not. What I am trying to say is enjoy this awkward adult/college stage in your life. If it isn’t scary, you aren’t dreaming that big, and if it isn’t stressful, tell me your secret. Take this weird stage and run with it because right now is your chance to do whatever you imagined. To my fellow seniors, good luck.


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I have been a proud Her Campus writer since my freshman year at Pitt and I am now the Social Media Editor for the chapter. So excited to see where the chapter will go but sadly I am a senior graduating in 2015 with a Communication and Art History major and Film Studies minor.
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