9 Types of People in College Classes

  1. 1. Average Joe

    The one who shows up to class, takes notes and pays attention. They may be known to browse the web every now and then, but the slackers may be asking for their notes by the third week.

  2. 2. Repeat

    The one who has to retake the class to improve their past letter grade. It happens to us all. Don’t be discouraged, there’s nothing wrong in having to retake a class.

  3. 3. Freshman Scrub

    The one who’s still wearing their shirts from O-week, has three pencils, two laptops and a notebook for each class. Feeling fresh….might ask how recitations work later.

  4. 4. Super Senior

    The one who stays an extra year to finish classes and possibly their double major. Or they were the keg-stand star freshman year and need to make up for their past mistakes.

  5. 5. Facebook Fiend

    The one who scrolls through social media all class. Try not to sit behind them or you might be distracted.

  6. 6. Pajama Man

    The one who somehow wears more pajamas to class than regular clothes. They might be known to wake up at noon for their first class.

  7. 7. The Gen-Ed

    The one who needs this class for their gen-ed requirements. Would “Russian Fairy Tales 0090” exist without the foreign culture requirement? Bye-bye @BabaYaga.

  8. 8. Fraternity and Sorority Members

    The ones who sit next to all of their “brothers” and “sisters”, talk about the weekend and wear their Greek-lettered shirts everywhere. We get it, you have friends.

  9. 9. Deja-U

    The one you see in all of your classes since freshman year. They are most likely the same major, but you have never spoken to them.

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