9 Stickers You Need on Your Laptop

  1. 1. Reference to a TV Show Character

    Represent your love for a character you identify with by putting their face or quote on your computer, like Jake Peralta.

  2. 2. Feminism

    Let it be known to the world that you are not here for the patriarchy.

  3. 3. Spiritual Identifier

    What better way to show who you are than to put it on your computer?

  4. 4. Food

    The superfood of all foods: kale is the best. This vegetable can withstand cold temperatures, making it is easy to grow for first-time gardeners.

  5. 5. Singers and/or Bands

    If you have a favorite singer or band you can’t stop talking about, express that with a cool sticker on your laptop too!

  6. 6. Vine Reference #notRIP

    A hail and tribute to the superior social media app. This sticker is from this viner, who also recorded one of the lesser known “dear diary” vines.

  7. 7. Something Related to Your Major

    Show off your love for your major!

  8. 8. Cause we are Concermed About

    Show off your passion for the benefit of our environment with inspiring laptop decor.

  9. 9. Clubs

    Express your Greek life pride and decorate your laptop with the Greek letters of your sorority or fraternity.