The 9 Best Beauty Spots in Pittsburgh

As the semester comes to an end and finals season approaches us, I hear the word 'self-care' thrown around quite a bit. Even now more than ever, I think treating yourself is viewed as a crucial piece of maintaining mental health. With that being said, I have been taking the concept of pampering myself very seriously these past few weeks because, hey, what better way to spend money than on yourself? Between getting my nails done, getting a sugar wax (hello, bikini season!) and even booking myself a massage for right after my finals are over, I think I have self-care down. Here are some of my personal favorite beauty spots in Pittsburgh, along with some recommendations from friends. 

  1. 1. Brush Nail Studio

    woman painting nails with pink polish

    What? Luxury manicures and pedicures complete with complimentary wine and coffee. 

    Where? Shadyside. 

  2. 2. Luxury Nails

    What? Luxurious and soothing nail services. 

    Where? North O on Centre Avenue. 

  3. 3. S and T Nail Design

    periwinkle manicure on short nails

    What? Affordable and high-quality manicures and pedicures.

    Where? South O on Meyran Avenue.

  4. 4. Seasonal Nails

    What? A recently updated and professional nail salon.

    Where? Lawrenceville. 

  5. 5. LaLa's Salon & Spa

    What? Nail salon that doubles as a spa with aromatherapy massages.

    Where? East Liberty.

  6. 6. Above All Grand Salon & Spa

    What? Hair coloring, nail, body services and spa treatments to make you feel and look beautiful!

    Where? Wexford, PA.

  7. 7. Evolve Wellness Spa

    What? High-end massages, facials, lash services and waxing.

    Where? East Liberty.

  8. 8. Pittsburgh Beauty Bar

    girl in a spa

    What? Salon specializing in eyebrow threading, along with nails, body waxing and eyelash treatments.

    Where? Southside.

  9. 9. Tula Organic Salon & Spa

    What? Hair salon also offering speciality sugar waxing services.

    Where? Squirrel Hill.

So, take this as a sign to go get a little beauty treatment at one of these amazing spots! You deserve it.