8 Tinder Tips to Make Every Guy Swipe Right

Dating is hard, and apps like Tinder exist to make it easier! That being said, us gals don’t always know what men are into. Therefore, we asked a few gentleman to give us some Tinder pointers. All of the following tips come from past or present Tinder users. Keep in mind that, due to the visual nature of Tinder, some of these suggestions are a tad superficial. Whether you are looking for a hookup, a date, or just a self-confidence boost, here are some tips to make the most out of your Tinder experience!



1. Choose pictures where you feel attractive

This is a no brainer, but guys are more likely to swipe right on you if you look confident! Pick photos where you feel the most attractive, because if you’re feeling yourself, then odds are others will be, too.


2. Pick pictures that show who you really are

According to our male participants, guys are interested in girls who seem genuine. Therefore, pick pictures that really show your personality! As one of our gentlemen stated, some men are more inclined to swipe right on women who “look unique.” Furthermore, stay true to your God-given good looks and be careful of the spray tan.


3. Be wary of group pictures

This is one of the most popular responses we received. Don’t put up too many pictures with other people because then gentleman callers won’t know which one you are! Our guys recommend having at least one or two single photos: “if you don’t [have pictures that are just you], I usually assume you [don’t like yourself] and have zero confidence.”


4. Show off your full bod

If you got it, flaunt it! We received responses like “if a girl can rock a crop top, I’m into that.” Definitely superficial, but that’s men for you.


5. Chose a bio that inspires responses

A good bio makes guys more likely to message you! If they can make a connection or think of a good response on the spot, then game on. Our guys suggested avoiding your bio consisting only of social media tags and instead ask a question or quote an awesome TV show.


6. Have a witty bio

This one goes along with tip number 5, but funny bios go a long way! As one respondent said, “you get brownie points for referencing memes.” Another warns the ladies not to try too hard to be funny, but just to be their naturally charismatic self!


7. Superliking can have a positive effect

If you superlike a guy, you might increase your chances of him swiping right! “[Superliking] is either an accident or it starts a conversation. I’m more likely to swipe right if someone superlikes me,” one participant shared. However, this isn’t a full-proof way to get a man’s attention. Another gentleman claims “let’s be real – she [might have been] drunk.”


8. Last but not least, message the guy first

If you are really into someone, make the first move! Not only does it make you stand out, but it shows you are confident in yourself and genuinely interested in him. This was particularly important to one of our male participants, who asked us to “tell girls to actually message first sometimes.”


There are many different guys out there, but hopefully what our guys said was helpful and improves your chances of getting a message or matched with a guy! Don’t forget – if you don’t feel comfortable doing something, then don’t! The most important thing is to completely be yourself. Good luck in your Tinder adventures ladies ;)


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