8 Electives You Should Consider for this Fall

It’s always nice to sprinkle in some fun and easy gen-ed classes between the difficult required classes for your major(s)/minor(s). Gen-eds are also a great way to expose yourself to different topics that you wouldn’t have learned about otherwise. And, let’s be real, we all try to look for the ones that will be an easy A (hello, GPA boost!) If you’re searching for the perfect elective class to take next semester, look no further, because we’ve rounded up the best of the best!

  1. 1. COMMRC 520: Public Speaking

    Public speaking is notoriously feared, but what better way to overcome it than to practice!

  2. 2. ENGLIT 636: The Gothic Imagination

    Recommended professor: Dr. Troy Boone. “It’s an amazing class if you like to read and discuss in a small group. I got to read books I’ve never heard of before, and he does an excellent job of breaking down the stories so we can understand the intricacies of them as well as make connections between the Gothic Era and modern day!” – Sabrina

  3. 3. ENGLIT 655: Representing Adolescence in Literature

    “I took this class freshman year, and it was really awesome. We read a bunch of YA novels and had a lot of great discussions. I wrote my final essay on something I am really passionate about, and it’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever written! The class was taught by a graduate student, so it was very relevant, and nothing was boring or seemed pointless.” – Emily

  4. 4. AFRCNA 1535: Dimensions of Racism

    Vlad Tchompalov

    Recommended professor: Dr. Kaniqua Robinson. This is a small seminar class that focuses on discussions of racism in modern society – perfect for your diversity gen-ed requirement. 

  5. 5. PHIL 715: Philosophy of Religion

    Recommended professor: Dr. Brock Bahler. “It really opened my mind to different cultures and their beliefs! The professor was so sweet and he found a way to extend the class conversations to other societal topics outside of religion. I learned a lot in this class and usually left feeling super introspective and emotional (in the best way)!” – Olivia  

  6. 6. COMMRC 320: Mass Communications Process

    Recommended professor: Dr. Meredith Guthrie. “This class fulfills a history or art gen ed, and it was super fascinating. Dr. Guthrie is an amazing lecturer; we learned about the history of mass media industries, but she also related the topics to current events/pop culture. There’s a required recitation, but the projects are fun and easy!” – Madelyn

  7. 7. HIST 1124: Northern Ireland

    World globe

    Whether you want to study abroad in Ireland or are simply interested in the country’s culture, this is a fascinating upper-level gen-ed. The history department also has similar classes that focus on other countries/parts of the world!

  8. 8. SLAV 880: Vampire: Blood and Empire

    A class all about vampires – alert the Twilight fans! In this class, you’ll analyze stories, novels, and films about the “phenomenon of vampirism.”