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8 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is coming up! Have you thought about what you are going to get your significant other, best friend, or roommate? Even if you do not want to spend a lot of money (we are poor college students, after all), there are many ways to make your Valentine feel special. Here are some cute ideas!


1. Sharpie Mugs 

This is a cheap and easy way to be creative and make a simple mug into a super cute Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone. My Secret Snowflake made me a Christmas themed one and I use it almost every day. Here are directions.


2. Duct Tape Rose

The perfect floral gift because it will NEVER die. These intricate flowers are really not as hard to make as you would think! They do take time, though, depending on how big you are making them, how many petals you want on your flower, and how many you decide to make. Find directions here.


3. Message in a Bottle 

Whether you write a poem or a really cheesy note, this is a simple way to make whatever you want to say to your Valentine 100x more magical. I used this idea for a promposal and it swept my best friend off his feet. You can also fill the bottle with glitter and be creative with how you decorate the bottle. Directions here.


4. Valentine Lightbulb 

How cute is this! Not only can it be displayed year round, but it will also really impress your Valentine. There is no better way to express that he or she is the light of your life. Here are directions.


5. Clothespin Message 

This is a really cute way to spread some love! Watch this video for instructions.


6. Open When…Letters 

These are perfect for any long distance relationship and will make your Valentine feel extra special. Here are topic ideas.


7. Candy With a Twist

Who doesn’t love candy and witty sayings? Find more ideas here.


8. Homemade Card 

Embrace your inner kindergartener and make your Valentine a card! Get creative with construction paper, markers, glitter and more. I guarantee that your Valentine will feel loved. This is also something really fun you can do while hanging out with friends.


Spread some love this Valentine’s Day!


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