7 Things I Learned When I Started to Drink More Water

It turns out one of the best gifts I received this holiday season was my Pogo water bottle. Santa was ever-so-kind to leave it in my stocking on Christmas morning, and I promised to make use of it by drinking a LOT more water.

I’m admittedly the type of girl that drinks mainly iced coffee, bubble tea, and chocolate milk and wonders why I don’t feel energetic or why I’m breaking out. You see, just because water is an ingredient in these delicious beverages, does not mean that they should be your only source. Since my quest to become hydrated began, I’ve learned quite a few things in the process.

1. Get a functional reusable bottle and make it yours

In this case, it all comes down to the small details. For me, the three biggest factors were measurement marks, a secure clasp and a loop to carry it by or to connect it to my backpack. I also like to cover mine in stickers so it’s easily recognizable and fun. If you’re into that, try Redbubble or pick up stickers at random events on campus. Measurement marks are great because you can make yourself drink more by setting quantity goals.

2. Water apps might be one of your best motivators

Apps like Plant Nanny and Daily Water are awesome because they send reminders to your phone to drink water. It sounds like common sense, but if you aren’t super thirsty and don’t have your bottle in front of you, many other tasks may take precedence. A lot of apps also let you track how much water you’ve had, so you can ensure you get enough. Personally, I had to tone down the number of reminders I got, so make sure you do some research and find the app that is best for you. P.S: Plant Nanny lets you grow a digital plant with the water you drink, so it’s even more fun!

3. You begin to crave water

When I made an effort to drink more water, I found myself extremely thirsty all. the. time. Who knew water was…good for your body?!

4. Your skin will clear up and be less dry

I heard this all the time but didn’t believe it really worked. However, I truly have noticed a difference in my skin since. Especially in the winter, not having to struggle quite as much with dryness saves me a lot of time.

5. Enjoy the party… with less regrets the next morning

If you drink, you know surviving solely off alcohol during a long night will lead to some nasty headaches once you wake up. Match every drink with a cup of water, and have a few glasses before going out too.

6. Whether it’s exercising or day to day, water will give you the energy you need

I’ll be the first to admit it- when trying to get through a long day as a college student, I turn to coffee or energy drinks. The latter in particular is absolutely terrible for your body. As it turns out, water really can be energizing- no caffeine necessary!

7. There’s no harm in adding some fruit

I prefer plain ol’ water, mainly because I’m too lazy to purchase fruit to mix in. If you’re more dedicated than I am, adding some berries or other fruit of choice can add some natural flavor to your water. Water bottles with a dedicated section for fruit are on the market to make your day even easier.

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