7 Recipes for a Vegan Thanksgiving Feast

As a vegetarian, animal rights and eating a diet that’s as cruelty free as possible are topics close to my heart. Though Thanksgiving is traditionally known as the time to consume as much turkey and other dishes laden with meat and dairy as possible, there are plenty of alternative options available that are bound to hit the spot without the need for any animal products. For vegans or simply anybody looking for a uniquely delicious dish to serve up this holiday season, look no further than these seven recipes!

1. Vegetables Wellington

With a showstopper like this, who needs turkey? This plant-based roast covered in flaky pastry is sure to impress your guests with both its taste and its looks. Though phyllo dough can be difficult to work with, this recipe calls for a frozen package of pre-made dough, getting you out of the kitchen and to the dinner table faster. (via Serious Eats)

2. Roasted Vegan Thanksgiving Bowl

This fun and easy recipe combines all the iconic tastes of Thanksgiving into one bowl, ensuring that you don’t need to spend hours upon hours cooking in order to enjoy a fulfilling meal. Also included is a recipe for vegan gravy that would go great on plain mashed potatoes! (via I Love Vegan)

3. Vegan Cornbread Stuffing

Sweet cornbread, tart cranberries and savory veggies combine in this simple vegan stuffing to ensure flavor unmatched by traditional varieties of the dish. For those with Celiac or diet restrictions it can also be made gluten-free using the author’s recipe for Vegan Gluten-Free Cornbread, linked within the original post. (via Minimalist Baker)

4. Vegan Butternut Squash Mac N Cheese with Crispy Sage Breadcrumbs

As someone who LOVES traditional mac and cheese, this recipe is super exciting! It puts a fall-inspired spin on the quintessential Thanksgiving side dish with the cozy flavors of butternut squash and sage. The squash is roasted and then blended with herbs and spices to make a creamy sauce without the need for cheese or milk. (via She Likes Food)

5. Vegan Meatloaf

Made with hearty chickpeas and lentils and topped with a tomato glaze, this vegan meatloaf makes the perfect substitute for turkey. Plus, it’s healthier and much quicker and simpler to prepare. (via Jessica in the Kitchen)

6. Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving dinner wouldn’t be complete without this classic dessert to finish it all off, and vegans needn’t miss out! This recipe calls for non-dairy milk to produce a pie that should be enjoyed by omnivores and plant-eaters alike. (via All She Cooks)

7. Apple Pie Crumble Bars

For those who aren’t fans of pumpkin or don’t want to do all the work of making a pie, these bars are here for you. Almond-oat crust + cinnamon apples + crumble topping = pure deliciousness. (via Minimalist Baker)

Happy Thanksgiving, and happy feasting!

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