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Although it’s important to stay in the loop with COVID-19 updates, it’s also important to know when to step away from the news if you’re experiencing stress or anxiety. With all the seemingly negative and scary stories circulating, it can be hard to stay positive. So, take a few minutes to remind yourself of the good in the world and check out these 7 uplifting stories from this week.

Wuhan lifted their lockdown.

That’s right, after two months of isolation, Wuhan, China has reported a significant drop in new cases and is easing restrictions. This too shall pass!

The Nobel laureate who predicted COVID-19 is predicting a quick recovery.

According Stanford biophysicist Michael Levitt, who has been studying and analyzing the pandemic, “what we need is to control the panic; we’re going to be fine.”

A 90-year-old recently recovered from coronavirus.

With death tolls rising and more new reports coming out, it’s hard not to worry. But, check out this uplifting story of a resilient woman who beat the coronavirus at the age of 90.

Zoos and aquariums are posting livestreams of their animals.

Need I say more? Check them out here.

Air pollution is rapidly dropping!

Halts in factory production has led to a drop in air pollution as shown by these satellite images.  

Advances are being made towards a cure for HIV.

An exciting advance in the medical world: a second person has been declared free of HIV after an experimental treatment. Additionally, a preventative treatment is being made available in England.

Yale is offering a class on how to be happy!

The best part? It’s free. The positive psychology class, “The Science of Well Being,” is being opened up to anyone who’s interested.

Madelyn is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh double majoring Psychology and Communications with a certificate in Corporate/Community Relations. Outside of writing and editing for Her Campus Pitt, she is also a member of CHAARG and Gamma Sigma Sigma. In her free time she enjoys watching horror movies, making Spotify playlists, exploring Pittsburgh, getting coffee and working out.
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