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7 Affordable Swimwear Shops That Will Have You Looking Cute This Summer

Summer is just around the corner, which means all the newest swimwear for the season is hitting the shelves. While it is only the beginning of March, it’s never too early to start stocking up on your new swimwear, even if you’ll only be able to wear it in your backyard! If you’re anything like me, then you go crazy when buying bathing suits. Every year I tell myself I don’t need anymore, but always end up buying at least a handful more. How could I not? Because of my swimsuit obsession, I’m here to provide you with the best shops to buy your next swimsuits to look cute and trendy by the pool for your next Instagram post this summer. Be careful though, you might end up just as addicted to buying more like me!


Aerie, the intimate and lifestyle shop a part of American Eagle, is my number one, absolute favorite store to buy my swimsuits from. One of the many great attributes of Aerie’s swimsuits is their size inclusivity and style selection. Whether you’re looking for extra cheeky, full coverage, high waisted or anything in between, you’ll have no trouble finding them at Aerie. They are constantly updating their inventory and putting out new designs, which is probably why I have an absurd amount of their bikinis. Another plus is they’re almost always having a sale on their swimwear! I don’t think I’ve ever paid full price for any of their suits. One last asset of Aerie swimsuits I’ll mention, while there are plenty more, is their quality. I’ve found that at some places swimwear begins to stretch and sag after a season or even a few wears, but my Aerie suits have lasted me several seasons and counting. 


Cupshe, a women swim and beachwear company, is a great place to find your next swimsuit. I’ve never actually purchased swimwear from Cupshe, but I’ve definitely surfed through their website several times. Similar to Aerie, they have a wide selection of styles and sizes to accommodate almost anyone. Their pricing is also comparable to Aerie. I have heard many good reviews about them and think they’re worth checking out. After looking at their newest selections, I may have to add a few to my cart!


Target used to be my go-to for all the swimwear. They always have the cutest colors and patterns that are hard to pass up. My personal favorite swimwear from Target is their one pieces with the middle area cut out. This style is super flattering and I can’t complain about their quality! 

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While I’m not particularly a fan of the ethics behind Shein and fast fashion, I am guilty of buying clothes from them more times than I’d like to admit. As a broke college student, it’s the place to find cheap clothes that are in style. As for their swimsuits, they can definitely be a hit or miss, but if you read the reviews you might be able to find something that works! Before I ever shopped at Shein, I was super nervous about how anything would fit, but to my surprise I was able to find a lot of things that work. I cannot advocate for all of their swimwear, but the few I’ve purchased are worth the recommendation. Because they are so cheap, you’ll probably only get a season’s wear out of them, but by the next year they’ll have thousands of new styles to choose from to keep you looking trendy by the pool or at the beach. 


I’ve never purchased swimwear from H&M, but from the looks of it, they have a great selection for great prices. H&M is a popular and highly recommended place from online articles for affordable and trendy swimwear for 2021. Definitely worth checking them out!

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When I think of Hollister, it brings me back to my middle school graphic t-shirt days. While I’m not an avid Hollister shopper anymore, they do have the cutest swimwear at a reasonable price. They tend to have the basics that can be mix-matched and paired with anything. It’s always nice to have those pieces of swimwear that can be styled differently to give them a new look for every wear. I haven’t bought a swimsuit from Hollister in a few years, but I do recall really liking what I owned and the current reviews seem to justify that they’re still a good option. 


PacSun has a lot of super cute and simple bikinis and one-pieces. PacSun swim does tend to be on the more revealing side and similar to Shein in the way that they can be a hit or miss. Nonetheless, if you find the one for you, they’ll still have you styling while getting your tan on. 

I could rave on and on about all the best places to buy your newest swimsuit. Although, I wanted to keep my selection on the more affordable end. Other swimwear companies such as Torrid, Madwell, Billabong and Moana Bikini have great options too, but their prices are 50+ dollars. When searching for affordable swimwear online, most recommendations or articles listed “affordable swimwear under 100 dollars. 100 dollars? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to break my wallet when there are cheaper options that are just as (if not more) stylish! I hope this article helps you in finding your next swimsuit to look cute this summer! 

Hi, I’m Lexie! I’m currently a junior at Pitt studying Professional and Media Communications. In my free time I love to work out, take pictures with my friends, and relax watching movies.
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