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6 Things You Need This Cuffing Season That Aren’t a Relationship

The temperatures have started to drop here in Pittsburgh, and with them, so have our standards. People everywhere are finding themselves settling into relationships simply so they have someone to cuddle with during the coming months. Now, there’s nothing wrong with making a commitment to someone you love and care about; however, when you stop holding your partner to the same standards you hold yourself and your friends, this is where problems arise. There are so many things to love about this time of year and a relationship does not have to be one of them. So, without further ado, here are all the things you need this cuffing season that are not a relationship.

1. Time with good friends

This one may seem obvious but it’s so true. We all feel lonely sometimes, and it’s totally normal. But just because you feel alone doesn’t mean you are. Spend your time with people that make you feel good about yourself; people that will encourage you in every aspect of your life; people that love you for you— single, taken, or in between. Don’t take for granted the time you have with your best friends.

2. A heated blanket

Okay, so this is definitely not as serious. But honestly, it’s a game changer. Who needs to cuddle when you have your whole bed to yourself and a cozy blanket to keep you warm? Especially when you don’t have to worry about getting elbowed in the face in the middle of the night.

3. Time with yourself

Now, this is true for anyone, single or not. It is always good to take time to check in with yourself. Make sure all your needs are being met and just have some time alone with your thoughts. Whether you do this by taking a nice walk, reading a book or having a movie night with yourself, make sure you are taking care of yourself.

4. Study time

It may be chilly outside, but get your butt to the library and get that bread. Seriously. Don’t let some silly crush distract you from your goals. Make a schedule, set deadlines for yourself and make sure your GPA doesn’t fall alongside the temperatures.

5. An at-home spa day

Now this can be done either alone or with friends. Honestly, either way, you’re in for a treat. Do a nice face mask, hair mask, whatever you want. Play some nice music. Run a bubble bath. Get a massage or paint your nails. Literally do whatever you need to feel fresh and confident.

6. A five-year plan

Sometimes all you really need is a plan. It never hurts to sit down and, frankly, just get your sh*t together. Write out your goals, your ambitions and try and actually stick to them. You’re single so now is the time to work on yourself. Make those habits now while you still have time to focus on yourself.

No matter what your status is this cuffing season, don’t let yourself get lost in it. In my opinion, this is one of the best time of year and it is completely normal to want to have someone to share it with. Make sure that if you do find that person, they meet the standards you have set for yourself and that you continue to hold yourself to them. Love yourself first.

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Hi there! I'm Abbie and I am double majoring in non-fiction writing and communications at the University of Pittsburgh. My passions include napping and napping some more. On the off chance that I'm not napping, I'm probably somewhere in the library or chilling out with friends.
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