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6 Stores You Need to Check Out for Pitt Merchandise

With football games raging on, classes fully in-person and campus buzzing – it’s the perfect time to show off your collection of Pitt merchandise! However, if you’re like me, your closet may be lacking the needed dose of Pitt merchandise. Don’t fret! I’ve scoured on-campus vendors, off-campus stores and even online to find the best stores to shop to add more pieces to your Pitt merchandise collection. 

The pitt Shop

The Pitt Shop is located right on-campus on Fifth Avenue. Situated next to the Eatery and the UPS store, the Pitt shop has tons of different styles to shop from. Whether it be a crewneck with your school at Pitt emblemed on, a throwback Tony Dorsett jersey or just face stickers to wear to game day – the Pitt Shop has it all! Plus, they offer both $10 t-shirts and $20 hoodies/sweatshirts. The clothes are all high-quality, and should definitely be making an appearance in your closet! I’m close to having almost all of the $10 t-shirts offered in my closet, and starting my $20 hoodie collection. I mean, who doesn’t love a great deal?

the Pittsburgh Stop inc.

If you have found yourself wandering around campus in between classes or just walking to your classes, you have probably seen The Pittsburgh Stop Inc, or known around campus as The Pitt Stop. The Pitt Stop is located on the corner of Forbes and Bigelow right outside the William Pitt Union. Despite it’s small set-up, The Pitt Stop has a lot of merchandise to offer. Whether you land on some Pitt sweatpants, a Kenny Pickett t-shirt or just a sweatshirt showing off your major – The Pitt Stop has everything you need. Most of my Pitt merchandise collection has come from the Pitt Stop. They are a lot cheaper than The Pitt Shop, and you can end up getting t-shirts for only $6 and sweatpants for only $15. Nothing can beat a $6 tee especially when you’re in desperate need for one for game-day! The Pitt Stop also has an online shop as well! 

Rally House

Rally House is a sports merchandise store that offers a diverse set of styles ranging from the  major league sports teams to college teams to just styles that mention the city that they are located in. Near Pitt, there are two prime Rally House locations: one at the Waterfront and the other located right near Heinz Field. Rally House offers so many styles of Pitt merchandise that comes from a variety of different brands. They have hoodies from Nike, sweatpants from Champion and even t-shirts for the different sports team. They also offer different sections of merchandise as well whether it be youth, mens, womens, and even juniors. Shopping at Rally House, you’ll be sure to find some cool pieces to add to your Pitt collection! 

American Eagle’s Tailgate

American Eagle has a department on their website and sometimes in-store for major league sports teams and college sports teams named Tailgate. The Tailgate department has really cool styles and merchandise for Pitt, especially for game-day apparel! Ranging from cute crop-tops for the warm Pittsburgh weather in September to the cozy hoodies to keep you warm for the chilliness of a Pittsburgh October to t-shirts that have one-of-a-kind designs – Tailgate has everything a Pitt Panther would need! If you’re looking for cute game day styles or just an interesting shirt to wear for class, American Eagle’s Tailgate is the place for you! American Eagle also offers various sales on their Tailgate department throughout the year, so definitely check it out! 

Hype and Vice

Hype and Vice is an online boutique that has some of the best game-day attire for colleges. Pitt was just recently added to their shop, and already has a pretty cool collection created., Whether it be a cropped tee, halter tank-top, or just a tennis skirt, Hype and Vice has all of your game-day and tailgate attire needs. Hype and Vice is the best place to find the must-need pieces to create a true game-day masterpiece. Trust me, these fits will be sure to make your Instagram feed. Hype and Vice will not disappoint!

Local Vintage shops

My absolute favorite piece of Pitt clothing has come from a local vintage shop in my hometown. In fact, it came from my cousin’s vintage shop – shout out Past to Present Vintage! Having a vintage piece of Pitt merch is honestly so cool! I feel as though I’m walking around in something so unique and in a piece of Pitt history. Vintage stores have some of the coolest pieces of Pitt merch, and allow you to find pieces so special that no one else will have them! If you can’t find an actual vintage shop in-person, you can always find them on Instagram and online! Or if vintage shops aren’t your style, and you want to try to discover your own vintage gems, there are always local thrift shops such as Thriftsburgh right here on campus! 

Pitt merchandise is an essential thing for every Panther. Whether it’s a store on-campus, a local vintage shop, the hidden thrift store or even an online boutique, there are so many places out there to get all the Pitt merchandise you need! With these stores, soon enough, your whole wardrobe will be only Pitt clothes! 

Serena is a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh who is majoring in English Writing with minors in Creative Writing and Legal Studies. When she's not writing short stories for class, Serena loves to write for HC Pitt, listen to music, and watch Jersey Shore!
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