6 Career-Building Tips I Learned From Her Conference

Her Conference was filled with successful women from all sorts of professions— from major publications like Seventeen Magazine and The Wall Street Journal, to TV companies like ABC and Insider. There were also people who started their own businesses from scratch, advocates like Carmen Perez and Linda Sarsour and actors like Troian Bellisario and Aja Naomi King. I was lucky enough to be able to attend and hear speeches and panels from these amazing women, and now I feel more prepared to kick-start my dream career. However, if you didn’t attend, I’m here to share with you the amazing tips I learned!

1. Networking is KEY.

Networking is a common buzzword when building your career. But what does it really mean? It means if you get an opportunity to meet someone in your field, get their email address, meet them for coffee, and ask questions. It means asking coworkers, friends, and family if they can connect you with someone in your field. It means making friends in your major, so they can also share their connections with you. You never know who knows who.

2. Confidence is half the work.

If you don’t think you can do it, chances are, the hiring manager won’t think so either. Everyone gets nervous sometimes, but it’s important to not show it. But how are some people so good at it? Start by thinking positively about yourself. Begin with little things like “I look good in this outfit,” and “I’m a dedicated worker.” The more you think positively, the easier it can be to walk into that interview with a smile. If you act confident, people will assume you’re good at what you do.

3. Take every opportunity— even if it’s not your glamourous dream job.

Most people have a dream career in mind and don’t want to settle. But even people who work at big companies like Penguin Random House and MTV had to get their start at small local companies fetching coffee and answering phones. With the experience you build, you can work your way up. Also, don’t be afraid to take a job not related to your field—you never know if you’re going to end up falling in love with it. Many people thought they would be doing one thing in NYC but ended up doing another in LA.

4. Put 110% into everything you do.

Even if it’s just organizing paperwork, make sure you do it right. It’s the people who show up early and stay late, who ask for extra tasks, and who ask questions are the ones who get hired. Even if it’s “just an internship,” your boss can hire you or refer you to others they know. Or if your coworkers see you work hard, they may end up at another company down the line and refer you to their boss.

5. Internships!

To get any job nowadays, you need experience. Many successful people I talked to not only had one internship, but they claimed to be the “queen of internships.” It may sound daunting fitting one in around another job or classes, but, if your summer internship is only 10-15 hours a week, apply for another one. Or get an internship during the school year along with the summer. You also can intern after graduation if you can’t seem to be finding jobs. The more the better!

6. Be kind, but don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself.

As women, we tend to be people pleasers, which can be good. People will remember you for your positive attitude and willingness to help. But there’s also a line. You don’t want people to walk all over you. If you deserve it, don’t be afraid to ask for that raise or promotion. If someone is wasting your time or using you, speak up. And in more serious scenarios like sexual harassment, PLEASE say something. Standing up for yourself is vital to being happy in your workplace.


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