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56 Thoughts Pitt Students Have When Spring Arrives

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pitt chapter.

1. First day of Spring….YESSS

2. Free Rita’s today…OMG <3

3. LOL JK that line

4. Why is it still cold in March, whyyyy

5. Still….so….cold

6. Going to class in my Northface… STILL

7. Wait, high of 50? There is a God.

8. ….But low of 20…What does this mean?

9. Woohoo finally time to put away my winter coat

10. Bubble tea sounds so good right now

11. Ohh I wanna sit in Schenley Plaza

12. But I have so much studying to do…

13. Wait, I’ll study and sit in Schenley

14. (Sits, socializes, and naps)

15. Oops, I’ll just study tomorrow

16. It’s so nice out, maybe I’ll go for a run!

17. 2 minutes later…(Gets text about going to Razzy)

18. (Goes to Razzy Fresh instead)


20. I should start studying for finals

21. Meh I have no time

22. oOoOooO margaritas at Mad Mex

23. Aaaahhh-chooo

24. UGH these allergies, WHY AM I ALLERGIC TO SPRING?

25. Man, finals are really coming up

26. But it’s too nice to not go out….YOLO

27. I should move to a city where it’s this nice all the time

28. Maybe LA?

29. People in LA are really active, maybe I should go on that run

30. Meh looks like it’s gonna rain, don’t wanna chance it

31. Finally I can break out the shorts

32. These were not this tight 5 months ago

33. Crap.

34. YUP, going on that run right now

35. Not bad, it takes a while to get back into things

36. Another run today?

37. Nah, too sore

38. Rita’s sounds so good right now

39. I ate that gelati alarmingly fast…


41. Wait I actually need to study now, not just pretend to in Schenley

42. To the library



45. Wait a table…YESSS

46. No outlet….k cool

47. La la la la stuDYING

48. Yessss almost done

49. Do I look too ratch to send this “finals blow” snapchat or just ratch enough that it’s cute

50. Errr…yea…too ratchet

51. Should probs shower at some point, but this table at Hillman is prime real estate

52. YES, my friend is coming to hold the table so I can shower

53. Man, it’s so nice out and I am cooped up in the library, this blows


55. Drank

56. HA move out….SOS where did all this come from?



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