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5 Way to Beat the Heat While Maintaining Business Casual

Chances are, your summer internship or job requires business casual dress. If not, you’re one of the lucky ones & need to marvel at the fact that you can wear your sundresses in peace. Not only is it a struggle to find appropriate clothes, (what even is business casual??) the summer heat can make you a sweaty mess that no expensive suit can tame. Here are ways to keep cool, while still looking like a professional #girlboss.


1. Cropped Pants

When in doubt, crop! Cropped pants can be a great way to get a few inches of breeze. With this style, we recommend buying actual cropped pants (or hem them) rather than rolling pants up; this will help maintain a clean appearance.


2. Silk

Along with being classically beautiful, silk is one of the coolest fabrics. A warning though, silk can be unforgiving, (think snags, sweat stains, spills, etc) so wear any plain silk shirts with caution!


3. Layers

Wear a tank & a loose sweater or blazer that you’re able to take off. You can wear your tank while going to lunch or on your commute into work & then add your blazer once you’re in the air-conditioned office!


4. Midi Skirt

Midi skirts are definitely making a fashion *comeback* (we’ve always been a fan though). A midi is the perfect length to have the breeziness of a skirt while maintaining a decent length to not be too revealing.


5. High-Neck Tanks

If your office is *relaxed* business casual, you can get away with a high-neck tank. Not only does the added fabric give a more professional look, statement necklaces look great with these tops. The best part though is you won’t have to worry about falling out of it!


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