The 5 Best Places to Thrift in Pittsburgh

Not to make any generalizations, but who doesn’t love a deal on cute clothes? We all love looking expensive without all the expenses, and thrifting doesn’t put a hole in your wallet. When you buy from a thrift store, somebody else likely paid full-price for clothes that you can buy for half the cost. Thrift shopping is not only a fun, cheap activity to level-up your style, but is also a sustainable way to shop. By thrift shopping you are increasing the “life” of clothing by wearing it instead of letting it create waste in a landfill.

However, before I get into a breakdown of the best thrift stores in Pittsburgh, here is a warning: thrift stores can have a Target effect. You might walk in with the intent of looking for one shirt and leave with five. It’s the low prices: they enchant you. You tell yourself it’s okay to buy more because you still pay so much less than you would in a retail store.

Now that you have all been warned, here is the breakdown of Pittsburgh’s 5 best thrift stores.

1. Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange, located in South Side at 1214 East Carson Street, is known for its stylish selection of clothing. Not only has their selection been noted for its selection, the overall atmosphere is just 10/10. The location is cute and everyone that works there is so friendly and willing to help. Buffalo Exchange is the type of thrift stores that may make you swear off retail stores for the rest of your college lifetime.

2. The Clothes Line

Next on our list, The Clothes Line, is only a short bus ride away from Pitt’s campus. Located on 4808 Liberty Avenue, this adorable thrift store is worth the trip. Run by The Women’s Auxiliary, this shop is a good place for more up-scale pieces or a more professional look. Most of the donated pieces are vintage and in very good condition. Whether looking for some new plaid paints or a nice turtle neck, this thrift store is a good place to visit for some classy finds and to help a good cause.

3. Thriftique

Thriftique is run by a non-profit enterprise of The National Council of Jewish whose profits help to improve the surrounding community. Located on 125 51st Street, Thriftique really holds its own. Looking almost like a warehouse of clothes, there are thousands of items to spend your money on. Thriftique is the perfect combination of good-quality designer items and lower-priced pieces. Whether you need a dress for a formal, a suit for an interview, or just looking for a new outfit for a night out, Thriftique is the place to be. A personal favorite, Thriftique is a great place for thrifting beginners or even the savviest of shoppers.

4. Goodwill

An all-time classic for beginners and professional thrifters alike, Goodwill is a staple shop. One This particular Goodwill, located at 125 51st Street, is a favorite because it is conveniently located next to Thrifttique! Even as neighbors, one does not cast a shadow on the other: they are both uniquely wonderful. Goodwill, though less organized into categories, has the full thrifting experience and has led me to some of my best finds. Honestly, sifting through all the clothing, kitchenware, and décor to find a diamond in the rough is part of the fun in thrifting.

5. Thriftsburgh

Pitt’s own Thriftsburgh is such a good thrift store option for students. Thriftsburgh offers store credit for donations while also promoting a more sustainable way to shop. Run by fellow students and located in the O’Hara Center, Thriftsburgh is a great way to renew your closet with some fun finds. Thriftsburgh carries all the essential including jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts, and business clothes. It’s perfect if you need something specific for an occasion, whether you are in a time crunch or are just shopping around.

We hope our list of Pittsburgh’s best thrift shops helps you in your thrifting adventures!

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