4 Ways to Style a Tennis Skirt

One of the cutest fashion trends recently has been the rise of the pleated tennis skirt. I am of the belief that skirts and dresses are a lot more comfortable than most styles of pants. Despite their popularity and how comfy they are to wear, tennis skirts can be tricky to style, especially if you’re like me and have shorter legs. The single most important part is finding a skirt that fits your body and falls at a length that you are comfortable wearing.

  1. 1. Preppy

    Mirror selfie to show a preppy way to style a tennis skirt

    For this first look, you’ll start by throwing on a collared dress shirt. If you aren’t crazy about the feel of bunched-up sleeves, try cutting the arms off of your shirt. You can also find fake collared shirts that are usually called dickies that sit on your shoulders but typically don’t extend past your bust. Now, slip on a tennis skirt that is the same color as your dress shirt, and if you need to, tuck the shirt into the waistband of the skirt. Your final layer is a crewneck sweatshirt. Make sure that you can see the collar of your undershirt! A French tuck can give you some extra shape if you want it and really pull the outfit together. I prefer to use contrasting colors for this outfit and I always try to match my shoes to my shirt!

  2. 2. For a Night Out

    Mirror selfie to show one way of styling a tennis skirt, reuploaded because of image distortion

    The next way to style a tennis skirt is one of my favorites and will be great for when we can safely go out to bars and parties again! The first layer is just a plain turtleneck, I prefer to wear one that’s a bodysuit, so it fits my body a little tighter. Next is a tennis skirt in a different color. I like to spice up this simple outfit with lots of accessories and my Doc Martens. Since there isn’t a lot going on here, you have a lot of room to experiment with jewelry, makeup and hair.

  3. 3. Comfy

    Mirror selfie that shows a comfortable way to style a tennis skirt

    The third look is definitely the most relaxed out of the four. I picked out a cropped hoodie that is on the thinner side as far as material and tuck it into a tennis skirt. For this style, I would focus on picking a hoodie with a lot of different colors and matching the skirt to one of those. For shoes, I would match them to a different color than the skirt, probably one that appears more often in the hoodie’s design.

  4. 4. Casual

    Mirror selfie to show a casual way of styling a tennis skirt.

    Want to look cute but still bold in a tennis skirt? Here’s an option for you! With your favorite skirt, try throwing on a bralette or a corset-style top. If you want a little bit more coverage, this look will pair well with a cardigan, flannel or even a zip-up hoodie. I think this is a great way to style a skirt when you want to be comfortable but also photo ready. I would wear sandals or a low-profile sneaker like low top Converse or slip-on Vans depending on the bralette I was wearing.

Styling tennis skirts can be hard, especially when they fall at an awkward length or don’t fit in the waist. That’s why it is important to have one that fits you so that you are comfortable wearing and styling it! Anyone can wear a tennis skirt and look good; at the end of the day, you should be wearing what makes you happy! I hope this guide helped you to find a little bit of inspiration.