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4 Acts of Self-Love to Practice This Valentine’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pitt chapter.

Valentine’s Day season is upon us, and if you’re anything like me, you may not have a Valentine to celebrate the holiday with. But who needs a valentine when you can just treat yourself? If you still want to experience some love this February, here are a few acts of self-love to practice this holiday! 

Treat Yourself to Something Nice

Everyone deserves to receive a gift on Valentine’s Day. Big or small, make sure to treat yourself to something nice. Whether it’s an iced coffee from Dunkin’, a new book to be read or even just a little shopping spree, give yourself a little something! Valentine’s Day is about your appreciation for the ones you love, so why not show some love to yourself? Allow yourself to be appreciated this holiday, and give back to yourself! You know yourself best, so whatever treat you’re looking for, be sure to get it! 

Do Some Self-Care

What would self-love be without self-care? Show yourself some love by caring for yourself. There are a variety of ways to do self-care. Exercise, face masks or just getting enough rest to name a few. Self-care means putting yourself first. What better day to put yourself first than Valentine’s Day? It can be hard to find time to fit in self-care during a busy week-day like Monday, especially amidst college life. Don’t fret, here at HC Pitt, we have that handled. If you need any ideas for some self-care, you can check out our article, “15 Self-Care Ideas to Keep You Grounded During a Busy Week!”

Give Yourself A Break

Semesters can be challenging, especially as we’re getting closer and closer to midterm season. The go-go-go lifestyle that college has can sometimes be super damaging to your mind and body. Your body deserves rest especially during peak stress moments. Gift yourself with a break this Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s by getting off-campus during the weekend and splurging on some retail therapy, staying in and spending hours on a movie marathon or just by allowing yourself to get the rest needed, there are so many different ways to take a break. My favorite way to give myself a break after a rough week of classes definitely has to be visiting the Waterfront. Getting off-campus allows my mind to get off the stress that the past week has created and clearing my head for a bit. However, sometimes for me, staying in with a Jersey Shore marathon can do just the trick too! 

Be Nicer to Yourself
you're beautiful

Self-love starts by being kind to yourself. Let’s be honest, sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves, and create harsh expectations for us to meet. We are our worst critic after all. I understand that it’s so easy to fall into the trap of being negative to ourselves, whether it’s about our bodies, personalities or even academic performance. However, for this Valentine’s Day, try to be a little bit nicer to yourself. Maybe you can do this by not putting yourself down in the morning when you look in the mirror or not encouraging negative self-talk to yourself. Try to find the best way to stop the negative thinking and look at the positives. Whoever is reading this, you are beautiful and one-of-kind, don’t think any less of yourself!

I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day! Even with all of the classes you may have, I hope you can find some time to love yourself this holiday season!

Serena is a Junior at the University of Pittsburgh who is majoring in English Writing with minors in Creative Writing and Legal Studies. When she's not writing short stories for class, Serena loves to write for HC Pitt, listen to music, and watch Jersey Shore!