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3 Public Ice Skating Rinks in Pittsburgh

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pitt chapter.

Growing up, Friday night public skate times were the best. Middle schoolers descended onto the local ice hockey arena for two hours of ice skating in a circle hyped up on Monster Energy drinks and the possibility of getting to give your crush a hug in the middle of the ice. As an adult, ice skating holds a special place in my heart despite not being a figure skater. I love when winter arrives because it means that my friends and I can lace up our skates and hit the ice.

Pittsburgh is home to several locations where the public can get ice time during the winter months.

The UPMC Rink at PPG Place

The UPMC Rink at PPG Place is probably the most iconic public ice skating rink in the city. The ice wraps around a huge Christmas tree that creates a beautiful opportunity for holiday-themed photos. However, be ready to pay the price for the view. Admission for adults during the 2021 season is either 11 or 12 dollars depending on the session you choose to attend. If you aren’t bringing your own skates, get ready to shell out an additional five to six dollars to be able to hit the ice. I recommend bringing a sling bag or a small purse that you can keep on you while you’re skating because this location does not offer lockers or a designated area to keep your belongings.

Schenley Skating Rink

If you’re looking for an affordable outdoor rink to skate at, look no further. Nestled in the hills of Schenley Park, the Schenley Skating Rink is an amazing option. Admission is five dollars for adults and skate rental is only three dollars per person. The rink is set to open to the public on Tuesday, November 30 for the 2021 season and offers both daytime and evening sessions throughout the week. Checkout their website to stay updated on COVID-19 policies as well as to find out the public skate schedule.

Pittsburgh Ice Arena

If you’re looking to hit the ice during a weekday afternoon, the Pittsburgh Ice Arena is your place to be. Kids and adults can gain entry for nine dollars and skate rental is only three bucks. The arena also offers a Friday night skate bundle for the youth age group that includes a drink, skate rental and a slice of Fox’s pizza. This rink is also indoors and is home to local youth hockey teams.

These three awesome options aren’t the only rinks that you can support; just a bus ride away there are so many other ice rinks! If you have someone special that you love to ice skate with, visiting a different public skate session each week during the skating season could be a cute date idea. Make sure to check the websites of whichever area you decide to skate at to make sure you’re ready to adhere to their individual health and safety guidelines. Some rinks may also require tickets to be purchased online before the skating session, so be aware that you may have to plan ahead of time!

I'm a mechanical engineering major with a passion for sustainability and green energy. In my free time I love to skateboard, drink coffee, and listen to music.