The 2020 Grammy Awards: Best & Worst Outfits from Girls Who Know Nothing About Fashion

The Grammys were last weekend, and celebrities were serving looks. Seeing that red carpet coverage started a full two hours before the actual awards show, we thought it seemed fitting to talk about what exactly these artists were wearing. We truly applaud all of the celebs that pulled out some crazy outfits - although some were hits and some were complete flops. Without further ado, here are our favorite and least favorite looks from the 2020 Grammy Awards. Disclaimer: what we lack in knowledge about fashion, we make up for with our very opinionated personalities.

  1. 1. Billy Porter - The Best

    Okay, who could hate this outfit? The centerpiece of it all was Billy’s iconic hat that automatically opened and closed. As he said, “Get on my nerves, and the curtain closes!” Don’t we all wish we could just shut people out that easily?

  2. 2. Rosalia

    Rosalia is the top Latin artist right now and she dressed for the part in this fiery red dress. She was the first musician to be nominated for Best New Artist for an all-Spanish album and she went home with a Grammy for Best Latin Album. We have no choice but to stan.

  3. 3. Lizzo

    Yesssssssss! She is killing the old-school Hollywood glam, while literally glowing. And for once, a huge high fashion brand is dressing a plus-sized woman? If this is the future, then I’m here for it.

  4. 4. Ariana Grande’s First Dress

    Ariana literally looked like a Disney princess and we’re here for it. Her dreamy grey cloud dress was absolutely STUNNING. This Grammy veteran pulled off the stunning look before pulling a reverse Cinderella and putting on a dress only an evil stepmother could love (see worst dressed).

  5. 5. Tyler, the Creator

    Tyler repping his own clothing line while simultaneously looking like he is fresh out of a Wes Anderson film? We stan.

  6. 6. Priyanka Chopra Jonas - The Worst

    Did Priyanka mistake this year’s Grammy Awards for an Elvis tribute concert? The fringe and embroidery on this dress is borderline scary. We love a fashion risk more than anyone but let's leave the deep, deep V for J. Lo.

  7. 7. Ariana Grande’s Second Dress

    How does a celebrity end up on both the best and worst dressed list, you might ask? By changing into this dress! Honestly, she should’ve never taken off her original dress because what is this? It looks like she just wrapped some old curtains around herself and called it a day.

  8. 8. Tove Lo

    It’s unclear at this point whether or not this frightening look was intentional or if she just forgot the top half of her jacket. Either way, this look is super unfortunate and we can only hope that this does not become trendy.

  9. 9. Lana Del Ray

    While Lana did buy this dress from the mall, (which is both highly resourceful and economical) we can’t let her off that easy. This silver chevron gown may work for a modest prom look, but it doesn’t quite cut it for an ‘Album of the Year’ nominee.

  10. 10. FKA Twigs

    This was a bold choice. We’re not quite sure whether she’s going for a velvety look, a gothic look or a girly pink look. Either way, it doesn’t work, and she should take that thing off immediately.