18 Shows That Are Worth Re-Watching

With Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and countless other ways to stream shows and movies on demand, you can basically watch anything you’d like on the Internet. But what are those classics that are worth another viewing?

1. Friends

Pretty self-explanatory to me. The characters just embody so many goals in one show: living in a fun city, being close to all of your closest friends, and sharing great times together. What more could you ask for?


2. Gossip Girl

This is another favorite if you are craving gossip (as the title suggests). There is so much drama in this show that keeps you guessing about who is behind it all until the end. After watching this show many wish to “work like a Humphrey, think like a Bass, act like a Waldorf, and dress like a Van der Woodsen.” If you don’t know what this means, please watch the show! You won’t be sorry.

3. Full House

An adorable family show, this is one to watch over and over again. I could never get sick of DJ’s lovesickness, Stephanie’s “how rude” middle sister attitude, and Michelle’s cute factor. Not to mention John Stamos as the most attractive TV uncle.


4. Gilmore Girls

Another tried and true re-watch. Set in a small, picturesque town with a mom-and-daughter duo that would make anyone envious. This show is very funny and features coffee addiction, your mom being your best friend, college anxiety, boys, and small town life.

5. Friday Night Lights

My most recent obsession this past summer. It features a football coach and his family in Texas and follows their life. The family has real-life issues that are very relatable, and it was just overall a quality show that many people would like.

6. The OC

This show made me want to live in California. This is another show that makes you want to be the characters or be friends with them. Will you find your Ryan or Seth? Are you more of a Marissa or a Summer? Their lives are fun and interesting but it also doesn’t shy away from showing issues that face many families and teens.


7. One Tree Hill

A show about two half-brothers that grew up in the same hometown with their respective parents. They don’t get along very well, with their drama revolving around basketball, family, and love interests.

8. Arrested Development

A great show about an extremely dysfunctional family, this one will get you laughing.

9. Degrassi

A classic high school show. This show tackles a lot of pressures and events that happen in life. This show can really hit home, but it is also another show that sends a message to the viewers.


10. The Office

With its documentary-type vibes and workplace setting, it features many different personality types that are very fun to watch.

11. Make It or Break It

An ABC Family show that takes you into the life of a gymnast.

12. Lost

A fan favorite. After a plane crash, the survivors are stranded on a tropical island and the viewers follow along. This show definitely struck an interest with many.

13. Law and Order: SVU

Though the cast has changed since it originally aired, it is a still a great show. I can never pass up watching marathons on TV and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. It is a show that can scare you sometimes but intrigue you enough to finish the episode.

14. Parks and Recreation

Follows a similar format as The Office, in that it is a work setting with employee relations as the focus.

15. Desperate Housewives

This showed a whole other side to the typical housewife persona, shedding light on the things that happen behind the scenes of the picture-perfect wife and home.

16. Grey’s Anatomy

A classic set in a hospital, the show made many believe that if they went to the ER, a hot doctor would be taking care of them! Another show with lots of drama and steamy plot lines that makes you hit “continue watching” episode after episode.

17. House

Another medical phenomenon that captivated audiences. This show has so much going on with the main character with a storyline to match.

18. Golden Girls

Betty White! Need I say more? A classic show about a group of girl friends living together in Florida. A nice throwback and very funny.

Though those aren’t all of the great ended shows, it’s a good start to commence your binge-watching.



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