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13 Things to do That are a Better Idea than Texting Your Ex

Nothing good ever comes out of sending a late-night thirst text to an old flame. When the temptation is too real, HC is here for you. The key to not hitting send? Get yourself preoccupied with other things. Some of these activities are more productive than others, but they all distract you from sending a text that you’ll regret.

1. Volunteer! Pick up trash in your neighborhood, because you’re so good at attracting it anyway.

2. Download the Duolingo app and learn how to say “I will not text my ex” in a new language!

3. Watch The Bee Movie. Ugh, all the good guys out there are either taken or they are bees.

4. Try the ConMari decluttering method. You may as well purge the rest of your worthless crap from your life.

5. Write a Her Campus article.

6. Get crafty with these mason jar decorations. You can fill it with cute little notes to yourself like “don’t you dare text him <3”.

7. Create the most incredible Animal Crossing pocket camp and never look back. You’re the real winner here.

8. Wait in line for grilled chicken at Market. By the time you get to the front of the line you won’t remember his name!

9. Get in touch with your artsy side and create a stop motion animation. By the time you create 2.5 seconds of footage, you won’t remember his face!

10. Attempt a half-up crown braid hairstyle, or something, just keep those fingers busy and off your phone.

11. Complete the OCC. Why invest time in texting your ex when you could invest time in gaining a slight professional advantage with the Outside the Classroom Curriculum? Impress employers not boys!

12. Enroll in Calc 2. Derivatives over dudes.

13. Stalk your friends Facebook pages back to 2011. Digging up the past is never good, except when it’s your BFF’s middle school dance photos.

In the end, literally anything is better than texting your ex. You will thank us for saving you from the stress and embarrassment. After all, you’re too deeply invested in your mason jars and your pocket camp to even remember- what was his name again?

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