13 Signs You’re Going Through Summer Camp Withdrawals

The summer has come to a close, but for all the campers out there, the tan lines and memories have left us heartbroken as we wait 10 months until we head back to the happiest place on earth: camp. There’s just something magical about camp that sucks you in. You can’t truly understand it until you experience the energetic, rewarding, laughter-filled days outside in nature. For those of you out there who, like me, will never be the same again now that you’re back home and going through post-camp withdrawals, this one’s for you.

1. You text your camp friends constantly because no one quite understands you (or makes you laugh) like they do.

Because coming out of class to 100 messages in your group chat is the best part of your day.


2. When you just want to keep wearing your crazy outfits that are only acceptable at camp.

Mustache Monday, tutu Tuesday, crazy sock day, neon, and tie-dye anyone?


3. You miss being surrounded by the beautiful views of nature.

It never gets old.


4. Snack time approaches and all you want is a Chipwich.

You could totally just stop at a gas station and buy one, but it’s just not the same.


5. Your watch tan and friendship bracelets are badges of honor.

And don’t forget the flash tattoos!


6. Every time you enter a store you contemplate buying s’mores ingredients (even if you don’t have a fire pit).

No matter how many you have, you’ll always want s’more.


7. Anytime a camp song comes on… *cue waterworks*

Wonderwall? Wagon Wheel? Build Me Up Buttercup? DON’T DO THIS TO ME, PANDORA.


8. Trying to channel the “camp you” because it’s the best possible “you” out there.

Because when else are you as goofy, happy, and confident?


9. You hate having to be connected on technology again.

There truly is nothing like the face-to-face interaction you have at camp.


10. You just want to dance like you do at an all-camp dance without being judged.

Who says the cupid shuffle and wobble aren’t cool?


11. You pass a child on the street and feel the need to lather them with bug spray or sunscreen.

Like we always say at camp, “Remember to drink your sunscreen and wear your water!”


12. Remembering what it feels like to look across the lake and knowing in that moment there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

This is YOUR Disney World.


13. When you instantly hate being back in the outside world, because can’t we just stay in the camp bubble forever?

Here’s to counting down the days until next summer, because who needs a real job after graduation?



Photo Credit: Author’s own photos, 3 4, 6, Southwoods, 11, 12