12 Totally Relatable Situations for “The Tall Friend”

I think it’s safe to say that in every friend group, there is always one person who seems to be slightly taller than the rest. In some cases, like my own, there is one friend who is literally a head above the rest. If you have experienced one or more of the following situations, then it’s time to face the facts. YOU are the tall friend.

1. When your friends wear heels, they are still almost as tall as you. You feel joy in the rare occasion that you appear to be the same height as your friends. 

2. In fact, when you express your love for high heels, your friends don’t hesitate to tell you that you might repel the boys because you will be taller than them. (This actually happened to me.) 

3. In pictures, standing on the end is not an option because you look completely out of place. Actually, when standing in the middle, you still look out of place. You usually try standing a foot behind your friends to create the illusion that you’re “not that tall”. 

4. The first thing you do when you see a cute guy is check to see how tall he is. If he’s anything shorter than 5’10”, you’re forced to pawn him off to all your short friends. 

5. You’ve taken one or more photos where you’re pretending to use your small friends as an arm rest.

6. When your short friends can’t reach something, instead of using the step stool, they take advantage of your Amazonian build and make you get it for them. 

7. It’s expected that you are the designated light bulb changer.

8. You get a squat workout when you get ready at your friends’ houses because their mirrors are set for their height.

9. Your friends always offer the disclaimer of, “He’s too short for you,” when they see a boy they know you’ll think is cute.

10. Even if you wear the same size as any of your friends, you can’t swap clothing because their pants become floods, and their dresses and shirts practically look like midriff tops on you.

11. You always get scolded for walking too fast, but you can’t help it that your stride is actually twice as long as all your friends’.

12. There is no group selfie that you aren’t forced to take because, “Your arms are the longest”.

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