12 Things I Learned My Freshman Year of College

Freshman year is full of learning experiences. From being 18 hours away from my parents to living with some random person, I learned A LOT. You’ll learn the easy way, the hard way, or both. To ease you into your freshman year, here are 12 things the Her Campus Pitt team and I learned freshman year:


1. You need to go after what you want

You can’t just sit back and wait for what you want to come to you. Get involved in organizations, clubs, or whatever else you want! You will succeed and be happy!

2. College boys aren’t much better than high school boys

Surprise surprise. Just get a dog.

3. Being on your own= BIG responsibilities

Whether you’re twenty minutes from home or an entire continent away from your family, being on your own is a HUGE wake up call. Learn how to take care of yourself. Learn how to cook. Learn how to smash that bug crawling on your wall. Learn how to budget your money. You will be okay.


4. Don’t compare yourself to others

Especially when it comes to studying and learning. Everyone learns differently! Not everyone can just read a book and be okay for the final. Find out the best way to study FOR YOU.

5. Take care of yourself!

Exercise. Eat right. Sleep. Don’t try to be just like your roommates or floormates. One of my roomies can stay up until 3 AM every night and wake up the next morning at 9:30. If I did that, I’d throw myself in front of the 10A. Be good to yourself & know your limits.

6. You CAN have too much zesty taco dip

This goes for hot Cheetos, alcohol, pizza, whatever. EVERYONE HAS LIMITS. Learn yours.

7. Put yourself first

Health, happiness, dreams, success, everything. Don’t do things to please other people. It might not be easy, but once you get into the mindset that YOU matter, you will change your entire life.

8. Your limits are much further than you think

In life, you have to push your limits. If you are uncomfortable around people, put yourself out there. Join a club, talk to someone new! Now of course, don’t push your limits when it could be harmful, but in safe spaces, try it!

9. Domino’s pizza is BAE

Sorrento’s & Antoon’s are also bae (Even if Antoon’s jacked up their prices).



LEARN IT. It is so easy to slack off (Netflix, fix the “next episode” button), but learning how to separate work and leisure is CRUCIAL. You can have both, I promise!

11. You might have been an A student in high school….

But if you’re not anymore, that is OKAY. In high school you can do really well, even without studying. College is a completely different environment. It is okay to get a bad grade. Just work harder next time.

12. Small talk is exhausting

Just don’t do it.


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