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The 11 Things That Helped HC Pitt Survive Finals!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pitt chapter.

While finals have come to a close at Pitt (time to rejoice!), another finals week went by where students were running around stressed.  Here at HC Pitt, our team members found some awesome products to keep us healthy, focused, fashionable, energized, and happy!  Finals week is all about maximizing time to study, and with the right products, this can easily be done.  These must-have items in the Her Campus Finals Survival Kit will have you acing your finals HC style! Here’s how these products can help you succeed on your future exams:

To stay healthy: There’s no worse way to spend finals week than coming down with illnesses or exhaustion.  With the late nights studying, it’s important to take care of your health if you feel under the weather.  For some of us on our HC team, Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Products helped us maintain our health when it seemed to take a turn! Cold-EEZE reduces the length of the cold while relieving symptoms like coughs and sore throats.  So before you push yourself past your body’s limit, make sure your cough is contained before you enter that exam room!


When you have that late-night craving (or just need a study break!): What better way to take a study break than to grab some food?  Sometimes you just need to escape the library and get some food to re-energize.  While the HC Pitt team was camped out studying in Hillman, we needed some time to let our minds breath—and to satisfy our stomachs! The perfect place to do so? Chipotle.  With our BOGO Burrito Cards, we were able to grab food quickly at a great price. 

If you’re doing some late-night studying at home and just can’t afford to leave in your last hours of cramming, grab a bag of chips for a quick snack!  Our snack of choice is Kettle Brand’s salt and pepper chips, or if you’re feeling something on the sweeter side, their maple bacon popcorn.  We were lucky enough to snack on these chips after receiving some Hey Neighbor Kits from Kettle Brand, which encourage sharing these comfort foods with your friends and placing something useful in the “Hey Neighbor” bag that you can pass on and share with another on campus.  What better way to ring in finals with tasty snacks and sharing with your community?


When your time for hairstyling is limited: For our HC Pitt members, our hair was the least of our problems during finals week.  It’s easy to not care for your looks during finals week because we’re all busy studying, but don’t let your hair feel gross! When your hair feels washed and looks good, it’ll boost your mood during your exams.  To keep our hair in check, we used TRESemmé’s travel size hairsprays and 7-Day Keratin Smooth samples.  Tame your flyaways with a quick hairspray on the go, and keep your hair smooth and non-damaged with this keratin treatment.  If you’re struggling with how to style your hair during finals, this video will show you how these products can inspire great looks!


Those times you just want to indulge in a brownie sundae:  Finals week is full of moments where we all panic.  For me, I like to turn to food to get me through these moments.  I immediately want brownies, brownie batter, or anything of that nature when I’m feeling stressed.  Rather than spend the week stress eating, try some Luna Bar Chocolate Peppermint Sticks.  You’ll feel so cheerful with the wonderful taste of the holidays that it’ll ease some of the stress and have you thinking ahead to the holiday break.  Not to mention that Luna products have no artificial ingredients and are 70% organic.  With bars that are high in calcium, folic acid, and antioxidants, you’ll be getting the nutrition that you need while also filling that sweet tooth craving.


When you’re packing your backpack with essentials: To head to the library, you always want to make sure that you have everything you’ll need for a successful day of studying.  The key to staying healthy and focused during finals week is drinking lots of water and maintaining a healthy diet.  Store your water in style with our favorite product, the CamelBak water bottle (preferable the baby pink one that is just so Her Campus!).  CamelBaks are spill-proof and durable, so you don’t need to worry about any leaks on your notes.

To stop stressing over your future: One of the most emotional weeks of the semester is finals week.  Many students doubt themselves, worry about their grades, and question their future while faced with the stress of succeeding in their classes.  The Bayer/Timeline Project Zines are here to help you stay focused on your goals and prioritizing what you need to do to reach them.  Utilize this online tool to re-inspire yourself and bring back into focus on what’s important. 

If the stress of finding a job or internship is just adding to your finals week stress, we have an answer to that! Aritzia Hello Opportunity Cards list internship and job opportunities with their company, a creative women’s fashion boutique.  Or, just take a study break and take part in my favorite activity—some online shopping with our exclusive Aritzia gift cards!


To stay glam and stylish: Don’t let the late night studying and exam schedule mess up your fashion! Rock your favorite outfits and jewelry during finals week to keep your spirits up when going into an exam. We’re obsessing over Chain & Charcoal’s College Catwalk Collection (that is Her Campus inspired!) that offers in style, reasonably priced jewelry for collegiettes!  With our gift cards, we were able to raise our spirits with some new bling!

We’re also loving BaubleBar.com’s meme alphabet bracelets that have sayings like #nofilter, “I Can’t,” and other cute sayings.  Our gift cards were the perfect way to start off our bracelet stacks.  Not to mention that with the code HERCAMPUS, BaubleBar.com is offering 25% off their jewelry until December 31st!


When you need those “little thing” that keep you happy: We all have our superstitions during finals week: for me, I have certain rings I have to wear to my exam.  The little things like this make you happy and confident during finals week, even if no one else knows about them.  This finals week, we love Cosabella’s Never Say Never Cutie Lowrider undies that come in spirited vibrant hues!  Even if no one else will be seeing them (or maybe someone will!), the key to a positive, happy mood starts with your lingerie.


Whether it’s food, fashionable items, medicine, or many more, it’s important to keep yourself happy during finals week, or any tests for that matter!  You want to focus on your exams, but you also need to focus on what’s important: your happiness.  These little things kept HC Pitt feeling relaxed and ready for finals, so check them out for your future exams!

Photos Credited to the Author and HC Nationals.

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