11 Annoying Questions Your Relatives Will Ask at Thanksgiving & How to Answer Them

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been counting down the days until Thanksgiving break. What could be better than getting a week off of school, enjoying some good food and spending time with your family? If there is one thing I don’t look forward to though, it’s getting all those inevitable questions from relatives. From “how’s school?” to “what are you going to do after graduation?” they always tend to (unintentionally) send me into a spiral of guilt for not having my life together. I think most college students can relate. So, whether you’re in your first or last semester of college, here’s how you can approach answering those impossible-to-answer questions.

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For freshmen:

“How’s college going so far?”

Okay, so maybe college isn’t going amazing. First semester freshmen year is full of the stress of difficult classes, anxiety about making friends, constantly being sick and missing home. But, that’s probably not what your grandma wants to hear.

Instead try: “It’s going great! I love the sense of independence and freedom. I’ve definitely missed my family though, so it’s good to be home.”

“How’s the roommate situation?”

Maybe your finsta followers have already heard all about your nightmare roommate situation, but now is not the time to vent about it.

Say: “We’re not best friends, but we get along fine. It’s always hard adjusting to living with someone new.”

“How are your grades?”


Say: “College classes are definitely a lot more challenging than high school classes, but I’m passing!”


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For sophomores:

“What do you do for fun at school?”

If you know that not everyone at the Thanksgiving table would approve of your lifestyle choices, you might just have to leave out some of the details here.

Try saying: “I like to explore my college town/city! My friends and I go out to eat, go study together or stay in and watch movies.”

“Why did you change your major?”

Simply say: “After taking some classes in (old major), I decided I’d rather pursue (new major). I’m much happier now that I’m studying something I’m passionate about.

There might be some judgment, especially from older relatives, who may follow up with:

“How are you going to get a job with that major?”

*Rolls eyes* Just keep in mind that you chose your major for you, not to please your family. Even if your major isn’t known for providing that much job security, it’s what you’re interested in and you’ll make it work in the end.

Respond with: “I’m sure I’ll find a job post-grad. This is something I love studying and I’m not really in it for the money.”

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For juniors:

“Why are you still single?”

Or, “when are you going to get a boyfriend?” I don’t know, Aunt Carol, I’m working on it!

Just say: “I’m not really looking to date right now; I’m focused on my studies and I’m enjoying being single and spending time with my friends.

“Do you have any summer plans?”

Really?! It’s only November!

Respond with: “I might work or get an internship, but I don’t have anything locked down yet. Most positions open up in the spring, so I’m not too worried about it right now.”

“Are you going to do any internships? / How are you building your resume?”

Don’t freak out if you feel like your resume is pretty bare.

Simply say: “I’ve been involved in (clubs) at school that I’m really passionate about, so that should reflect on my resume. I might do an internship to gain more experience, too.”

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For seniors:

“Ready to graduate?!”

This is the one question that you’ll hear over and over again from every relative/friend/person in your life. Is the answer ever yes?

Say: “I’ve had such a great college experience, so it will be sad to graduate. Right now, I’m just focusing on passing my classes and enjoying myself, though!”

“What are you doing after graduation?”

The most dreaded question, especially for students who haven’t secured a job, yet. Don’t let pressure from relatives freak you out. Try turning the question around on them.

Answer with: “I honestly don’t know yet. I’d love to work in (job field), but I haven’t found a job yet. Do you have any advice? What was your experience with finding a job post-grad?”

At the end of the day, just remember that your relatives love you and want the best for you. Even though some of their questions may come across as invasive or even offensive, they are just curious about your life and mean well. Don’t let any judgment get to you because you’re doing great exactly where you are!