10 Things You’re Already Over After The First Week Of Spring Semester

After a much needed winter break of spending time with family and friends, adventuring, and not leaving the couch for hours watching our favorite Netflix shows, the time has come for us to return back to the grind. While we love Pitt with all of our hearts, there is no escape from the laundry list of nuisances that come along with a college semester. It has only been one week (and we’re talking just sylly week, not even a real week of classes) and we’re already done with these ten things:

1. The arctic weather

Parkas, two pairs of pants, and gloves still don’t protect us from the Pittsburgh cold! We thought snow is supposed to be fun, but having to walk through mountains of snow, slush, and ice to get around campus because Pittsburgh refuses to plow the streets changed our minds real quick.

2. Icebreakers in class

We would rather pull out our hair than try to think of another “fun fact” about ourselves.

3. The food from Pitt Dining Services

Where are the delicious home-cooked meals that we had every night at home? Flavor? Variation? All gone. We cannot stomach another chicken patty sandwich nor limp lettuce salad.

4. Waking up early

*snoozes alarm for the tenth time*

5. Dabbing

It’s 2018 and for some reason the dab followed us into yet another new year. We are ready for a new dance move already.

6. Mandatory attendance

Here’s to our doomed participation grades.

7. Laundry and its bank-breaking costs

8. Waiting for Port Authority buses

Ummm... it is freezing and the bus is ten minutes late… RIP us and the feeling we had in our fingers.

9. The hunt for a table at Hillman

We want to be good students and get on top of the work that is going to be coming our way this semester. But it’s nearly impossible to find a table at the library to get our work done in peace, thanks to those groups of people who go there to socialize...uh hello, we have dorms, lounges, and Starbucks for a reason.

10. That person that sits right next to you in lecture when there’s another hundred open seats  

There is always that one person who thrives on being the worst person ever and invading our personal space. How can you comfortably focus on lecture while the person next to you eats a whole can of sardines, every single class? … And sadly, this is a true story.  

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