10 Things to Do on the Weekend Instead of Going Out

Usually the only thing college students want to do on the weekend is to go out, drink and have fun. However, if you don’t like to drink or just want to take a weekend off from partying, there are plenty of things to do around campus besides going out. Here are 10 fun and wholesome activities to do on the weekend that don’t involve drinking.

1. Movie night

Nothing compares to cozying up with a blanket and snacks and watching a movie or Netflix.

2. Read a book

It may not sound like fun but reading a book can actually be quite enjoyable and relaxing. P.S: blankets and snacks are recommended for this activity as well.

3. Catch up on homework

Again, not the most fun, but take advantage of this extra time to get ahead on some work. You’ll thank yourself on Sunday night.  

4.  Stay off social media

If you are trying to avoid going out, watching people’s drunken Snapchats won’t help. Taking an evening off of social media can be healthy and a much-needed break.

5. Craft

It may seem childish, but crafting can actually be pretty fun and relaxing. Get together with a group of friends, or just hang out by yourself, and bring out your inner Martha Stewart.

6. Try a new restaurant

If you still feel like leaving your dorm or apartment, try out a new restaurant around campus or that trendy restaurant you’ve been dying to try. 

7. Go to the movies

Seriously… who even goes to a movie theater to watch a movie anymore? Maybe not many do, but take advantage of this fun past time to have a nice night out and catch a new movie!

8. Play board games

Eating food and playing board games with friends can actually be fun and quite competitive.

9. Explore a new spot on campus or the surrounding city

Exploring a new spot on campus can be really exciting and it may even become your next favorite study or hang out spot! Additionally, you can explore the city around your school as well.

10. Get in some early morning exercise

While everyone else is recovering from the night before, you can get in a quiet morning run, walk or yoga session.

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