10 Theme Days to Have with Your Quarantine Family

Feel like you're living the same day over and over? Spice up each day by throwing these awesome theme days - get creative with outfits, activities and food!

  1. 1. Board game day

    Grab your favorite board games, bring out the snacks and let the games begin!

  2. 2. Harry Potter day

    Everyone's favorite wizard deserves a day dedicated to himself! Binge the Harry Potter movies with your family.

  3. 3. Comedy day

    In need of laughs? Watch the comedy specials available on Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video.

  4. 4. Movie Monday

    Take turns picking out a movie to watch each Monday. Switch up the genres and time of release!

  5. 5. Taco Tuesday

    Having a little guac and queso can go a long way.

  6. 6. Tie-dye Thursday

    Give life to your plain old white t-shirts, hoodies and socks! You can order a tie-dye kit on Amazon.

  7. 7. Pizza Friday

    pizza slice pulling from whole pizza

    There's something about pizza on a Friday night that makes everything feel right in the world. Keep it interesting by ordering different kinds of pizza or making them yourselves! Bbq, buffalo chicken, veggie, meat lovers, magherita,... hungry yet?

  8. 8. Stimulus Saturday

    Help out your local restaurants by ordering take-out for dinner. Every order makes a huge difference for them right now. Be sure to give a tip too!

  9. 9. Pittsburgh jersey day

    Even though you can't watch new sports game, you can still show your favorite Pittsburgh teams some love!

  10. 10. Groutfit day

    A family that matches together, stays together.