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10 Spring Trends to Watch For

The warm weather is finally making an appearance! Flowers are in bloom; the sun is out and the layers and layers of bundles are coming off. For me, winter is all about keeping warm and cozy, so my style is usually a second thought. Spring changes all of that, and like any season, it brings in new trends to try out. This year’s spring trends will be sure to have you trading in even your softest sweater!

1. Bold Eyeliner

It’s time to master that cat-eye because eyeliner is bolder than ever this season. This time, it’s colorful too! Put down the black and trade it in for a bold color, some sparkle or even multiple liners. It’s all about lining your eyes in whatever way makes them stand out the most. This is a perfect way to turn a makeup look glam and make your eyes pop!

2. Crochet

It may be time to put the sweaters away but luckily, you can still feel cozy in knits! Lose the bulk of a turtleneck and opt for a crochet sundress or cute tank top this spring. There’s more options when you don’t have to stay covered up, and it’s a great way to keep cozy while still looking cute in the spring sunshine.

3. Bucket Hats

Looking for an excuse not to spend tons of time on your hair? This is it! Hats are always a go-to for looking cute with minimal effort, and now, you can try it in the form of a bucket hat. These hats dress up a little easier than your typical baseball hat and come in all sorts of variations and colors. They’re the perfect grab-and-go addition to your outfit.

4. Monochromatic Makeup

Trying to find the perfect shade of lipstick to stand out from your eye makeup is a thing of the past. Having to decide between matte eyes and a glossy lip or vice versa is no more. It’s all about the same shades this spring. Match your lips, eyes, and even cheeks to make the perfect monochromatic look. This creates an easy spring look that makes you look put together and is sure to stand out.

5. Tie Dye

Remember those childhood days of balling up a t-shirt and squirting paint all over it just to see what unique pattern would come out? Well, get ready for those days again because tie dye is trending! Well, maybe minus the typical white tee because tie dye has an updated look, with the fun patterns featured on crop tops, in pastels and even on cute sundresses.

6. Strappy Sandals

Time to let your feet breath this spring! The less sandal there is, the better. This season’s shoes are all about bright colors and straps that barely cover the foot. These add a pop of color to any look without suffocating your foot. They’re cute shoes you can actually wear all day. I know I’m excited!

7. Colorful Mascara

Time to put the same old black mascara down because spring is all about color! Bright colorful lashes are the look. I’ve seen a lot of my favorite makeup brands releasing lots of cute shades to try out. I recently got a yellow and a pink to use myself and I’m excited to see how they look on my eyes. This is also a pretty easy trick to make your makeup really stand out with minimal effort.

8. Earthy Shades

Leave the pops of color for your makeup and accessories. This spring, neutrals are a go-to from head to toe. This color palette allows for TONS of accessorizing options so you won’t come off boring. Chances are, you already own plenty of basic colors already, so this trend is an easy one to join in on. As a bonus, matching earthy shades is pretty easy to do, so the hassle of choosing an outfit will be minimal!

9. Bike Shorts

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen these on most of your favorite celebs. I’ll admit, the first time I saw them, I was a little confused and hesitant but now, they’re growing on me. It doesn’t look like these shorts are going away anytime soon either so now’s the time to be bold and try them out for yourself. I know I plan to, finally!

10. Extra Glowing Skin

You know that amazing skin you have just after a good skin care routine? This is what we’re all trying to achieve all the time this spring! It’s time to breakout our best moisturizers and our favorite highlighters because it’s time for the whole face to shine, not just the cheekbones.

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