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8 Pittsburgh Bars to Hit Up Before You Graduate

One of the best pieces of advice I heard when coming into college was to fully immerse myself in my college town. Luckily as a Pitt student, I've had the entire city of Pittsburgh to explore during my four years here. Taking that advice to heart, I've been to countless sports games, museums, tourist spots and restaurants. And as a senior with my time at Pitt coming to an end, there is one thing left for me to become an expert on: the local bars. So, here is my personal bucket list of bars I think every Pitt student should grab a drink at before they graduate.


Located right on campus (literally sharing a wall with Towers/The Eatery), Hem's is the quintessential Oakland bar. My goal is to try every shot pitcher!

Mario's Oakland Saloon

Right around the corner you'll find Mario's featuring two stories of dim lights, dancing and an 100% chance of running into a random person you spoke to once freshman year. Fun fact: they have open-mic comedy on Thursday nights!

Gene's PLace

This hidden gem in South O is the divey-est of dive bars. They've got great drink deals and whoever runs their Twitter account is hilarious.

Tequila Cowboy

Located on the North Shore, this is the perfect spot to hit up after a football game. If you've had enough to drink you might feel brave enough to try karaoke or riding the mechanical bull!

Fat Head's Saloon

Take a trip down to South Side and try Fat Head's, especially if you're a fan of craft beer. They have their own brewery in Ohio!

Jekyl & hyde

While you're in the neighborhood, check out this Halloween-themed bar. This is the perfect time of year for it! I have not yet been to this one, but I'm looking forward to trying one of their Halloween cocktails, like the Scarecrow.

Tiki Lounge

Staying in South Side, I love a good tropical drink, so Tiki Lounge is a must!

Blue Moon

Last but not least, stop by Blue Moon in Lawrenceville, which calls itself "the friendliest gay bar in Pittsburgh!" If you've never been to a drag show, you're missing out.

Madelyn is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh double majoring Psychology and Communications with a certificate in Corporate/Community Relations. Outside of writing and editing for Her Campus Pitt, she is also a member of CHAARG and Gamma Sigma Sigma. In her free time she enjoys watching horror movies, making Spotify playlists, exploring Pittsburgh, getting coffee and working out.
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