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10 Items You Didn’t Know You Needed on Your Holiday Wishlist

Coming up with a holiday wishlist each year can be hard. You spend all year thinking of things you want and then when your family asks for ideas, your mind suddenly goes blank. If you don’t own the items on this list, you are seriously missing out. Add these to your wishlist and thank me later!

BOMBAS socks

I know what you’re thinking, but these socks are elite. I’m sure you have a relative that insists on getting you socks every year, so you might as well make sure they’re the best socks on the market. I never thought I cared about socks until I got my first pair of Bombas. Not only are they awesome socks, but for every pair purchased they donate a pair to a person in need. They are life changing and you just have to try them out for yourself to understand the hype.

a tushy bidet

Here in America, we seem to have it all, but when it comes to bidets, Europe has us beat. If you’ve never had the privilege of using a bidet, this might seem like an insane gift idea. You might think it’s a waste of water, but making a roll of toilet paper takes over 50 gallons of water. By using a bidet you’ll actually save water, and it’s also a more hygienic way to do your business. Don’t believe me? Try out Tushy’s bidet and report back.

A radius toothbrush

I guarantee you that your electric toothbrush or that toothbrush from your dentist’s office does not compare to Radius’ toothbrush. After you use one for the first time, you won’t even feel like your regular brush has been cleaning your teeth. The brush head is huge and the handle is made of bio-plastic, meaning it’s not made from petroleum-based plastic like most other brushes. They even have replacement heads so that you don’t have to replace your entire toothbrush every six months. The handles are super aesthetically pleasing and you won’t regret switching over to this brush!

Rare beauty makeup

Plenty of celebrity makeup brands have launched and flopped soon after. Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty brand is not one of them. There’s a reason it’s all over TikTok. Whether you love blush, foundation or highlighter, this brand has a quality product you will obsess over. My personal favorites are the liquid blushes and tinted lip balms!

Outdoor voices clothing

Outdoor Voices has the cutest activewear! I’m a big fan of their running and biker shorts, but I’ve got my eye on this cute sweatshirt. They are committed to being as sustainable as possible and a lot of their items are made using recycled fibers. We have no choice but to stan a brand that’s ethical AND trendy.

Barefoot dreams blanket

If you’ve ever wondered what a cloud feels like, here is your chance to find out. This is every Instagram influencer’s favorite blanket and there’s a good reason why. It’s incredibly soft and is the definition of cozy. They’re pretty expensive as far as blankets are concerned, so it’s the perfect item to put on your wishlist!

skims pajamas

The Kardashians are far from perfect, but Skims’ pajamas are pretty close. If you’re anything like me, your pajamas probably consist of all the old t-shirts you have from high school. Become an adult with me this year by asking for a set of matching pajamas!

Hoka sneakers

Even if you’re not a runner, you can trick people into thinking you are with these cute sneakers. They have a reputation for being one of the best and most supportive sneakers for running. Upgrade from your old, dirty sneakers with a squeaky clean pair of Hoka’s!

HBO MAx subscription

HBO Max is the elite streaming service. Not only are they premiering all of Warner Bros. 2021 and 2022 films, but they also have an extensive selection of iconic TV shows and movies. If the only HBO original you have indulged in is Euphoria, you are missing out. HBO Max originals make Netflix originals look like child’s play. Don’t just take my word for it though — ask for your very own subscription and waste countless hours consuming content!

an olaplex set

This haircare brand is getting the hype it deserves on the Internet these days. It’s very expensive and hard to justify purchasing for yourself. Indulge in this guilty pleasure by asking someone else to buy their products for you!

Hi, I'm Olivia! I'm a senior at the University of Pittsburgh pursuing a major in Neuroscience, minors in Spanish, Africana Studies, and Chemistry, and a certificate in Global Health! In my free time you can find me at the gym, listening to a podcast, or hanging out with my friends!
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