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10 Funny and Cute Baby Halloween Costumes to Get You through the Week

We all know that babies are cute, but put them in a Halloween costume and they instantly become so much cuter! Here is a compilation of the 10 funniest and cutest baby Halloween costumes to get you through the week:

1. Bat

“Look at me mom, I’m a bat!”

2. “Cuties” 

Babies really are the cutest things 

3. Old Ladies 

They grow up so fast


4. Penguin 

Just look at how adorable this little penguin is!



5. Scarecrow 

Who could be scared of this cutie? 

6. Pumpkin 

You can never go wrong with a classic pumpkin.

7. Lobster 

I could never eat this lobster 


8. Cotton Candy 

The cutest and fluffiest cotton candy you’ve ever seen 

9. Duck

Look at this cute baby duckling!

10. Taco 

Tac-o bout a cute costume! 

Well there you have it: the cutest and funniest baby Halloween costumes of the internet!  


Photo Credit: 1234567891011 

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