10 Delicious Friendsgiving Recipes You Should Bring to the Table

Thanksgiving is so close that you can practically smell your family’s delicious cooking.  And with Thanksgiving comes our beloved Friendsgiving, when we gather with our friends for a special Thanksgiving dinner, but the key difference being that WE have to cook our turkey day favorites. If you’re ready to take on the challenge of preparing a dish to bring to the table but you’re not quite sure what to make, here are some recipes that will be surefire hits with your squad!


1. Marshmallow mashed sweet potatoes

Top your traditional mashed sweet potato dish with marshmallows for a decadent dish that no one can resist.


2. Simple sausage ring

This Taste of Home cheesy, meaty bread is so easy to make and will leave everyone’s mouths watering for more!

3. Homemade applesauce

Nothing beats homemade applesauce! Try out this simple recipe from Allrecipes.


4. Cauliflower mac & cheese

Feel guilt-free while chowing down on Betty Crocker’s skinny recipe for cauliflower mac & cheese.


5. Loaded baked potato casserole

Take plain old mashed potatoes to a new level, jam-packed with flavor all thanks to Tablespoon’s recipe.

 6. Bacon-wrapped stuffing bites

Just when you thought stuffing couldn’t get any better! These bites will be the best appetizer at the table.


7. Garlic parmesan monkey bread

A Friendsgiving meal isn’t complete without bread. Surprise your friends with this savory twist to traditional monkey bread.


8. Green bean casserole crescent cups

This Pillsbury recipe puts everyone’s favorite casserole into bite-sized cups for a fun way to eat and less mess!


9. Pecan pie bars

We know the struggle of cutting a pie all too well. Eliminate the unnecessary stress, and enjoy the classic taste of pecan pie in bar form.


10. Chocolate peanut butter acorns

Your friends will be picking on this sweet snack all night!



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